Sanhati Statement on the Murder of Govind Pansare

Nonadanga eviction – Statement from Krantikari Naujawan Sabha

Chattisgarh – PUDR statement on custodial death in Bastar

On the repressive situation in Jangalmahal – reports, statements

Unconstitutional Detention of Anna Hazare and His Supporters by Central Government: PUDR, NAPM Statements

PUDR Statement on the cases of death penalty to Mohammad Afzal and Mohammad Arif

Sangharsh demands government to ensure land rights

Mumbai – Notice of Evictions to Golibar Residents is Illegal and Inhuman

Press release urging government to cancel meeting on field trials of GMO crops in Karnataka

NAPM – National Transformation and Future Strategy of Movements

Chhattisgarh : On the Supreme Court judgement terming appointment of SPOs as unconstitutional

Delhi Metro Workers stage demonstration against violation of labor laws

Assam – NAPM and PUDR Statements demanding release of Akhil Gogoi; Delhi protest on June 29

Maruti Strike : Appeal from support group; statement against attack by guards

Delhi – Press meet on Ongoing Repression and Forcible Land Acquisition for POSCO, June 7

NAPM – Government’s attack on anti-corruption protestors at Delhi undemocratic

PUDR Statement against detention of Gautam Navlakha at Srinagar airport

Delhi – Statement condemning JNU administration’s attempts to curb protests against Green Hunt

Madhya Pradesh – PUDR strongly condemns vicious attack by Adani goons on those protesting against the power project

Uttar Pradesh – Statement against land grabbing in Noida

Kolkata – Press Release on political prisoners

Orissa – Police enters villages to acquire land for POSCO; Intellectuals demand inquiry into POSCO clearance

Uttar Pradesh – NAPM Statement against the land acquisition plans and attack on resisting farmers

Orissa – Press Release of All India Fact Finding team on alleged encounters and false implication of villagers in anti-Maoist operation

Uttar Pradesh – Workers returning from May Day rally in Delhi attacked by hired goons of factory owners

Protests against MoEF’s final clearance to POSCO project – PPSS, NFFPFW, MZPSG Statements, Press Meet

Reports from National Anti-Nuclear Yatra from Tarapur to Jaitapur

Sanhati statement on Binayak Sen’s release on bail

Statement against police firing on protestors in Jaitapur, Maharashtra

Protest against the compliance report of Odisha government favoring POSCO project

West Bengal – CRPP Statement against the attack on prisoners in Medinipur Central Jail

NAPM Statement – Nukes, Wikileaks and Corruption : PM Must Reveal Truth to Nation

Orissa – Press Statement from a mediator urging for implementation of agreement

Andhra – NAPM Strongly Condemns the Killing of Three People in Police Firing and Demands Cancellation of Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Project

PUDR asks the Maoists to release the two hostages taken by them unconditionally

PUDR Welcomes Supreme Court Judgment on Arup Bhuyan v/s the State of Assam

West Bengal – Officials Accept Badges of Shame on NREGA Lajja Diwas

Press Statements, Open Letters on the Government’s decision on POSCO Project

Bangalore – Invitation to Consultation on Sedition Laws – January 29, 2011

MoEF Expert Committee Report on Lavasa vindicates NAPM’s struggle against the mega-scale of violations by the company

IAWS Open Letter to Home Minister and Press Statement following the police harassmennt at National Conference, Wardha, 21-24 January, 2011.

Orissa – Factfinding Reports On Tamaka and Basangmali Encounters

NAPM – Condemn second firing for Asbestos company in Muzzafarpur

“Democratic forest management” a cover for intensified state control – Campaign for Survival and Dignity

K. G. Kannabiran passes away – Obits from CRPP, Saibaba

Wikileaks discloses Indian government condoned ‘rampant use of torture’ in Jammu and Kashmir, North East: PUDR statement

Shopian incidents – Women’s Groups gift CBI more sheets for the next cover-ups

Arrest of Noor Mohammed Bhatt, another instance of State’s intolerance

Maharashtra – Condemn the arrest of Justice Kolse-Patil & others in Jaitapur

Towards Peace, Justice and Democracy…

Kashmir – Probe into unmarked, mass graves and enforced disappearances will deter the perpetrators

PUDR statement regarding the APSIB raid on Hem Pandey’s house

Stop Vedanta sponsored State Repression and Deception in Niyamgiri

Questions that millions of common Indians ask Mr. Obama

Let Delhi not go the Mumbai way: Oppose intolerance and hatred of disruptors

Posco Project – PPSS, MZPSG, NFFPFW, ESG, Manoranjan Mohanty respond to MoEF Committee’s new reports

Statement on Ayodhya Judgement

Press Release: Delhi City-wide co-ordinated demonstration around CWG: urban displacement, labor and price rise.

When will the Indian State Ever Learn? Condemn Killings in Kashmir

Sanhati, PUDR statements on hostage-taking by CPI(Maoist) and subsequent killing of Lukas Tete

PUDR – Violation of labour laws at the Commonwealth Games Construction sites continues unabated in spite of the High Court case

People’s Movements oppose the possible re-introduction of the land acquisition and resettlement-rehabilitation bill

Delhi Declaration of All India Left Coordination

PUDR statement on the arrest of Naba Dutta

Kolkata – Renowned Human Rights Defender Naba Dutta is in police custody under false charges

A Report of Anti-OGH protest in New York on August 13, 2010

APDR statement on the threat to democratic rights in West Bengal

NAPM condemns the brutal killings and lathicharge on Srikakulam villagers

Statements on the killing of Azad, spokesperson of CPI(Maoist), in an alleged fake encounter

Sanhati statement on the killing of Azad, spokesperson of CPI(Maoist)

Statement on arrest of Dr. Nisha Biswas and other civil rights activists in Lalgarh

APDR memorandum submitted to District Magistrate, West Midnapore, on 24 June

Stop the Undeclared Emergency and Witch-hunt of Social activists & Human Rights Defenders

Lalgarh Mancha – Appeal for unconditional release of activists arrested in Junglemahal

PUDR Press Statement condemning recent spate of repression in Lalgarh

Sanhati Statement against arrest of activists in Lalgarh

Why India’s AFSPA should be scrapped ?

Responses to Judgement on Bhopal Gas Leak of 1984 – PUDR, TASAM, ICJB, NAPM, Radical Socialists

On June 15, a protest rally is being organised in Kolkata. It begins at 4pm from the Metro Channel (Esplanade East) and will head towards the American consulate. Click here to read the Bengali pamphlet for the rally. ************************************************************************************************************ PUDR Press Statement The Definiton of Injustice: The Bhopal Gas Murders PUDR believes that the latest […]

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Gyaneshwari Express Sabotage Indefensible – Institute Inquiry and Discourage Rumour-mongering and Witch-hunting

People’s Union for Democratic Rights Press Statement 30.5.2010 Friday morning’s derailment of the Gyaneshwari Express either due to sabotage or explosion as per media reports in which so far 136 people have already lost their lives is highly reprehensible and completely indefensible. PUDR strongly condemns whichever organization is responsible for the carnage as we believe […]

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PUDR-AFDR Press Release on State Repression on farmers and rural worker activists in Punjab

Attack on bus in Dantewada – Response from Arundhati Roy, PUDR, PUCL, HRF, MKP, CPIML(Liberation)

Stop Police Attacks On Peaceful Protesters In Orissa – Appeal By Concerned Citizens

Source : Countercurrents New Delhi: We, the undersigned, strongly condemn the unprovoked firing and arson carried out by the Orissa state police against a dharna of farmers and fisher folk opposed to the proposed POSCO steel project in Jagatsingpur district. As per latest reports, today over 100 people have been injured and many shops and […]

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PUDR – Stop State Violence on People’s Movements in Orissa

Halt the Offensive Against People and End Militarisation of the Forests

Statement against Home Ministry’s Press Note to silence intellectuals

CDRO Opposes Draconian UAPA

A Statement by Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations 7th May 2010 The most recent alert (regarding use of section 39, UAPA) issued by the government in so called public interest has brought out in the open what had so far been implicit in its anti-Maoist policy. The purpose of the circular is to intimidate voices […]

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Statements against continued attempts by the Government to suppress voices of resistance – Sanhati, Gladson Dungdung

The death of jawans in Dantewada – Statement of intellectuals/activists urging the government to engage in dialogue

Protest harassment and persecution of NFFPFW members in North Bengal by Police

CDRO condemns disinformation campaign against civil rights team

Attack on freedom of expression in university campuses : Statements by Sanhati and JNU Teachers

Death of jawans in Chhattisgarh – PUDR Statement; A Response by Sumanta Banerjee

Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations Bulletin – Janurary 2010

Press Statement from Civil and Democratic Rights Organisations – Against Indian McCarthyism

Press Statement by Concerned Citizens – Government should respond to Maoist offer

PPSS Press Release – Fear of attack on Anti-POSCO movement

Balitutha, Orissa: The threat of state and company sponsored violence looms large over hundreds of farmers sitting on an indefinite dharna at Balitutha in Jagatsinghpur district against the Orissa government’s pet POSCO steel project. Since 26 January this year the farmers have been carrying out their peaceful protest against fresh attempts by the Naveen Patnaik […]

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Statement from poets, academics, and activists on Swapan Dasgupta’s death in UAPA custody

Swapan Dasgupta, editor and publisher of the Bengali edition of the political magazine People’s March passed away on 2nd February, while he was in the custody of West Bengal police. He had been arrested in October 2009 under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), for allegedly publishing Maoist literature, along with other political activists. Till date, he had not been chargesheeted. As per the official records, People’s March is a legal publication and therefore not a banned literature as claimed by sections of mainstream press.

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Press Statement of the Citizens’ Expert Committee on BT Brinjal

Statement denouncing the derailment of Tata-Bilaspur train on 20th November

Peoples Union for Democratic Rights unequivocally denounces the November 20th incident in which eight bogies of the Tata-Bilaspur passenger train were derailed, near Manoharpur railway station in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, by the armed cadres of CPI (Maoist), and two persons, including a two year old, died and 51 were injured. The derailment, allegedly using detonators, was caused in the course of a two day bandh on November 19-20th when, according to local Maoist leaders, they were demanding that one of their arrested leaders be produced in the Court. According to Samarji, secretary Bihar-Jharkahnd –Orissa regional committee of the CPI(Maoist), said that the “mistake” occurred because of “overzealous new recruits”. PUDR has time and again pointed out that political formations which offer armed resistance can not evade their responsibility for causing civilian casualties. These are not collateral damage, intended or unintended, in contexts such as above where a passenger train was targeted. It instead suggests reckless act by a poorly disciplined force.

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A Joint Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission and the Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha : Government of West Bengal must act to prevent further starvation deaths

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM) have issued several urgent appeals seeking assistance for the families evicted from Bellilious Park. Most of the evicted families are engaged in manual scavenging in Kolkata and Howrah. The Dalit identity of the evictees prevented them from leading a decent life. It also makes it difficult for them to find any other job other than what is often ‘marked up’ for Dalits in India — cleaning filth.

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Initiative Against War on People: Statement and meeting

Initiative Against War on People

Invitation: Meeting of people’s organisations and individuals: At Gandhi Peace Foundation, DDU Marg, Delhi 5 PM on 27th October 2009.

The Indian government has deployed 100,000 troops in addition to the existing paramilitary and police forces in parts of central India, including Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand, Maharashtra Lalgarh – Jungalmahal area of Bengal – a vast area inhabited by mainly tribal people. Forces are being withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast to join battalions of CRPF commandos, the ITBP, the CoBRA and the BSF. There is also talk of bringing in the Rashtriya Rifles – a paramilitary force that is directly guided by the Indian Army created especially for counter-insurgency work known for its notoriety in Kashmir and Northeast in the past few decades, and the purchase of bomb trucks, bomb blankets, bomb baskets, and sophisticated new weaponry. The Air Force has already been deployed and a full-scale air operation is in the offing.

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A message of solidarity from Cordillera Peoples Alliance, Philippines

Dear Comrades and Friends, The Cordillera Peoples Alliance for the Defense of the Ancestral Domain and for Self Determination, an independent federation of progressive peoples’ organizations, mostly grassroots-based organizations among indigenous communities in Northern Luzon Cordillera, Philippines, hereby endorses the statement against the Indian government’s plans for launching an unprecedented military offensive by army and […]

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Statement from national platform of adivasi and forest dwellers’ mass organisations (Campaign for Survival and Dignity) on Government offensive

A Pretext to Impose Brutal Repression: the Government’s “Offensive” Is a Formula for Bloodshed and Injustice

The Campaign for Survival and Dignity, a national platform of adivasi and forest dwellers’ mass organisations (listed below) from ten States, unequivocally condemns the reported plans for a military “offensive” by the government in the country’s major forest and tribal areas. This offensive, ostensibly targeted against the CPI (Maoist), is a smoke screen for an assault against the people, especially adivasis, aimed at suppressing all dissent, all resistance and engineering the takeover of their resources.

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PUDR statement condemning Francis Induwar’s death

October 10 2009

People’s Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi (PUDR) unequivocally condemns the gruesome killing of Inspector Francis Induwar by the Maoists in Jharkhand.

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CPIML – Liberation statement on Operation Green Hunt

Press Statement by CPI (ML) – Liberation
New Delhi, September 20 2009

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Statements from CPIML(Liberation), PUDR, Chhatradhar Mahato, Kannabiran, Delhi intellectuals, Protibadi Udyog, Lok Morcha Punjab on Lalgarh and ban on CPI(Maoist)

Statement from CPIML(Liberation) on Lalgarh – June 24, 2009
Statement from PUDR on banning of CPI(Maoist) – June 25, 2009
Statement from Chhatradhar Mahato – June 21, 2009
Statement from PUCL president Kannabiran on Lalgarh – June 25, 2009
Statement from a group of Delhi intellectuals on Lalgarh – June 19, 2009
Statement from Protibadi Udyog, Mazdoor Mukti Committee, Radical Socialist, Sramajeevi Samiti, and Prosit Das, Jogin, Kaustav De, P.R. Ghosh – July 2, 2009
Statement from Lok Morcha Punjab on State offensive in Lalgarh – June 26, 2009

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Statement from Sanhati on recent developments in Lalgarh

June 16, 2009

From the very inception of the adivasi-moolvasi people’s movement, led by the Peoples’ Committee Against Police Atrocities, in Lalgarh and the entire jangalmahal region of West Bengal, we have expressed our solidarity with their struggle for dignity and the right to be free from state terror in their daily life. The political development in that region has received widespread support and also inspired people across the country. Having challenged the usual manner in which state machinery functions, the people have had to face the terror unleashed on the movement by the private militia (”harmads”) organised by the ruling CPI(Marxist). Such attacks have been strongly condemned by us, along with other political platforms. We feel that the Lalgarh movement has been historic in form and content and we will continue to support it in every possible way.

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Statement on Singur from Sanhati

October 12, 2008

Months of unflinching resistance by the people of Singur, especially landless labourers and marginal farmers, against the unjust and violent farm land acquisition by the West Bengal government has finally forced Tata Motors to withdraw its small car project from that area.

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Statement by Dave Pugh on his detention during his Fact-Finding Trip to India

by Dave Pugh August 16, 2008

Yesterday I returned to the U.S. after spending three and a half weeks gathering information about the anti-displacement movement in India. I traveled across five states in central and eastern India to the sites of projected industrial and mining projects and real estate developments. I spoke with hundreds of villagers who are threatened with displacement and with many dedicated activists who are helping to organize the people’s resistance.

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Press Release of Peoples’ Tribunal on Nandigram, 28 May 2007 and TASAM Report on Nandigram Massacre

Members of TASAM (Teachers and Scientists Against Maldevelopment) visited Nandigram to distribute aid and find out what the situation was. This is their report, prepared by Debasish Sen, Kunal Chattopadhyay, Kuntal Ghosh, Maroona Murmu, Safiul Mollick, and Soma Marik.

Click here to read TASAM report on Nandigram massacre [PDF, 0.2 MB]

The Peoples’ Tribunal on Nandigram was set up by the All India Citizens’ Initiative, comprising of eminent citizens from various sections of society of India. Its members include Justice Bhargava, Ex-Chief Justice Sikkim High Court; Prabash Joshi, Editor, Jansatta; Minakshi Sen Bandopadhyay, Ex-Member, Womens Commission, Tripura; Lalita Ramdas, Social Activist; John Dayal, Journalist and Human Rights Activist; Jyotirmay Samajder, Doctor; and others. Their aim was to to inquire into the background, causes, course, nature and motive, if any leading to the incident of 14th March.

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PAMANGGAS condemns Nandigram massacre, Italian Metal Unions react to Singur

The PAMANGGAS (Panay Guimaras Peasant Solidarity) strongly condems the massacre of 14 farmers in Nandigram, West Bengal, India by the Indian police force.

Italian Metal Unions Condemn Rights Violations in West Bengal, Call on Carmarkers to Move Plant from Singur.

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