Open letter to AP CM on custodial violence – HRF

CRPP Statement on the harassment of Rona Wilson, Public Relations Secretary of CRPP, and others in the name of ‘search operations’

The Indian Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL) condemns the actions of the Kathua Bar Association

Sep 19: Odisha DMF’s budget allocation lacks focus on health, other basic services

Apr 9: An attempt was on to kill me silently with my own ailments

Apr 9: Citizens are back in the squares in Paris

Apr 5: Panama Papers – Denials Expose More Than The Original Exposure

Apr 4: How Indian companies are misusing public trusts to launder their CSR spending

Apr 3: Today, We Students Are The Opposition

Mar 30: Will the Real Nationalists please Stand Up?

Mar 30: Challenges To Journalism In Bastar – A report by the Fact Finding Team of the Editors Guild of India

Mar 28: Next on the checklist – Why ABVP desperately wants to gain entry into TISS

Mar 27: ‘We would rather not report’: In Bastar, journalists decide to boycott stories on police and Maoists

Mar 21: Tata Motors strike

Mar 21: Is sedition relevant?

Mar 19: The Illegal Arrest Of Debaranjan Sarangi

Mar 19: Beef Ban Hysteria Raises Its Ugly Head Again

Mar 16: Guilt by association, the lonely battle of SAR Geelani

Mar 12: Judges and citizens in a constitutional democracy

Mar 10: A tale of two communalisms

Mar 9: Nationalism versus Azadi

Mar 8: Womens Day 2016: If bravery has a name, it is Soni Sori

Mar 5: The Left Too Fall Into The Nationalist Trap

Mar 3: The Second Killing of Ishrat Jahan

Mar 1: Interview with Jan Breman

26 Feb: Tata Nano auto workers strike over suspensions

Feb 21: AAP leader Soni Sori attacked

Feb 20: The Police in Chhattisgarh May be Intimidating Journalists Through a New Vigilante Organisation

Feb 19: Shivaji Jayanti, Is Govind Pansare’s Shivaji losing the battle against fanaticism?

Feb 17: Chhattisgarh govt cancels tribal rights over forests to facilitate coal mining

Feb 17: Who is an anti-national?

Feb 16: Shutting firms with 300 staff will soon be easy in Haryana

Feb 16: ‘Maro saale ko’: What I saw and heard inside the courtroom

Feb 15: ‘You Will Be Harmed,’ NDTV Reporter Covering JNU Case Was Warned

Feb 13: The Pegdapalli Files

Feb 12: Ask for a probe into attacks on journalists in Bastar too, Mr Jaitley

Feb 9: The footsteps of fascism

Feb 3: The Keonjhar Take Over

Feb 3: Bangalore’s garment workers raise an old cry for their rights and better wages

Jan 31: Central trade unions strike on March 10

Dec 31: Blind to justice

Dec 17: Rape spree goes unpunished in chattisgarh

Dec 17: The more things change at Maruti’s Manesar plant, the more

Dec 10: Occupy UGC protesters lathicharged, manhandled by cops

Dec 9: After 30 years in JNU, poet and perennial protester ‘Vidrohi’ dies

Dec 6: Fact-finding committee visits brick kiln where pregnant woman died

Dec 3: Gujarat’s controversial Labour Laws Bill gets Presidential assent

Dec 2: No ordinary drought

Dec 1: Mounting tensions between India and Nepal over blockade

Nov 24: After Modi visit, a familiar ritual in Srinagar – another killing, another probe

Nov 19: Life after Maruti Suzuki factory clash

Nov 17: Three Odisha Adivasis Killed In Firing By Anti-Maoist Security Forces

Nov 16: Nagaland Editors Take on Army in Defence of Press Freedom

Nov 10: Make in India, Unmade in Chennai

Nov 9: The sad plight of prisoners in Bihar

Nov 3: Global markets cheer dismal economic figures

Oct 29: The Occupy UGC Agitation is About Saving Indian Education

Oct 28: How government plans to use IAF to wage a war on its people

Sep 25: P(h)ew: The “Nonpartisan” Embrace of Narendra Modi by the Pew Research Center

Sep 9: “Matribhumi” No More: What An Attack on an All-Woman Train in Bengal Reveals About the State’s Continuing Problems

Aug 26: NITI Aayog Against Free Healthcare, Bats for More Private Sector Role

Aug 22: How communal pot is kept boiling in Bihar and UP

Aug 18: Confessions from Bihar’s Killing Fields

Aug 17: How the farmer dies?

Aug 16: Will the mist lift in Kodaikanal?

Aug 16: Only some are free

Aug 12: The Last Mile Boys

Aug 12: India’s Quiet Epidemic Of Housewife Suicides

Aug 9: Arbitrary censure

Aug 8: I was sick of the hateful climate in Gujarat: judge explains why he quit after the riots

Aug 8: The alchemy of Hindu-Muslim riots in India

Jul 19: Section 144 imposed in Industrial Manesar Township

Jul 19: Why Modi’s new Skill India mission will mean nothing for workers

Jul 10: GN Saibaba – ‘Why is the government afraid of me ?’

Jul 8: Doing Research in India Can Be a Dangerous Activity

Jun 28: How Maharashtra robbed Dr Saibaba of his rights

Jun 26: Workers get more militant as space for unionisation shrinks

Jun 24: Even without labour reforms, Delhi’s factories have hired and fired workers easily for years

Jun 22: There’s a wage crisis in Delhi’s factories – and the Modi government’s new labour laws won’t help

Jun 20: Factory workers go on a rampage in Gurgaon

Jun 19: When marriage is less than sacred

Jun 15: UP journalist killing – Five policemen suspended, no action yet against Minister

Jun 11: A marriage of unspeakable horrors and unbreakable bonds

Jun 8: Prof. Saibaba’s health deteriorating

June 4: Denying eggs to malnourished children is common in BJP-run states

May 31: Kashmir — Hell of Internal Colonialism

May 27: I was jailed on suspicion of being a Maoist

May 27: Ballabgarh Communal Tension, houses set on fire, Muslims flee village

May 23: Kerala HC – Being a Maoist not a crime, can’t detain a person for merely being one

May 17: Curious Case Of Chhatradhar Mahato

May 9: A teacher in jail

May 6: Movements are not radical anymore – Arundhati Roy

Apr 21: Hunger strike kills plan for CCTVs for women’s prison

Apr 10: Seshachalam killings – Rights group cry foul

Mar 17: 77 jailed Maruti workers granted bail

Mar 13: Bangladesh Mongla cement factory collapse kills eight

Mar 13: Ford India recognises workers union

Mar 9: Private interest as public purpose

Mar 6: Gurgaon court directs Maruti to pay compensation to sacked workers

Mar 4: NHRC serves notice to Kerala government over labelling activists as ‘Maoists’

Why the Rise of Fascism Is Again the Issue

Feb 23: Two of the jailed Maruti Suzuki workers granted bail by SC

Feb 21: Grief, anger at the funeral of Govind Pansare

Feb 17: Nuclear commerce with USA – Profitability without accountability

Feb 13: Make No Mistake, This Is Modi’s Defeat

Feb 13: Naxal operation to start before monsoon

Feb 10: Youth killed by government forces, Kashmir shuts on Afzal Guru’s anniversary

Feb 9: A 10 Second Long Stare

Feb 2: Landgrabber’s Inc making millions in Raigarh

Feb 2: Mobs targetted Muslim homes as cops looked on

Feb 2: Maharashtra clears trials for GM food

Jan 28: Telangana farmer suicides

Jan 28: Narendra Modi govt cracks down on NGOs, prepares hitlist

Jan 27: Drones And The New Ethics Of War

Jan 27: Why Obama Is Going to India?

Jan 26: Delhi Police’s Special Cell just got anoth

Jan 20: Fertiliser riots spread across Haryana

Jan 19: Dalits angry as Bihar court acquits 24 accused in 1999 massacre

Jan 15: Charlie Hebdo Imperialism and International Terrorism

Jan 11: How villagers in conflict zones are terrorised into fake surrenders

Jan 9: SYRIZA’s programme for the rescue of Greek

Jan 9: All set to lose out on the gains?

Jan 7: Two in U.S. Face Charges After Coup Attempt Fails in Gambia

Jan 4: Wealth of 400 richest rose USD 92 billion in 2014

Jan 4: Rani Padmini and four other Hindutva history myths exploded

Jan 4: India cuts health budget while 63 Mn People face poverty due to healthcare expenditure

Dec 24: India slashes health budget, already one of the world’s lowest

Dec 23: Exclusion and untouchability remain widespread and only 5% marry out of their caste

Dec 15: CAG unearths major SEZ land scam

Dec 13: Can We Criticize Foucault?

Dec 11: Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

Dec 11: How Indian firms use dirty tricks to deny sanitation workers their rights

Dec 11: From 2010 to 2012 over 4000 died on shop floor, but that’s fraction of total

Dec 10: The dog is more expensive than the worker

Dec 7: Contract workers of Asti-Manesar refuse to take the pink slip

Dec 2: Facing severe failure, Maoist top boss switches to protect and preserve mode

Dec 1: Your car has been built on an assembly line of broken fingers

Nov 30: A shanty town in South Delhi pays a high price for resisting communal polarisation

Nov 25: Muslims, dalits and tribals make up 53 percent of all prisoners in India

Nov 23: West Bengal Government relaxes cap on private land holding

Nov 15: Nightmare for Ethiopian pastoralists as foreign investors

Nov 12: “Baba jan ko raha karo”

Nov 1: Police refused to register FIRs in Trilokpuri

Nov 1: Delhi’s Bawana again simmering with communal tension

Oct 30: CMAS leader Nachika Linga arrested by BSF, remanded to jail

Oct 30: Trilokpuri Fingers Point at a Conspiracy Behind The Communal Violence

Oct 26: Communal tension in Trilokpuri area of Delhi

Oct 19: Ebola crisis and inequality

Oct 19: Army option vs Maoists on table

Oct 19: Fake ‘Maoist’ rebels turn Gumla into killing field

Oct 14: Protesting Modi at Madison Square Garden

Oct 13: Gujarat police actively provoked riots in Vadodara

Oct 12: Why did PM Modi agree to give away India’s

Oct 12: Banned for telling the truth about riots

Oct 3: Court acquits alleged Naxal, but police arrests him again

Oct 2: When is an encounter fake?

Oct 2: A US judge declares Detroit residents have no right to water

Oct 1: How VHP laid the ground for Vadodara riot

Oct 1: How Israel Silences Dissent

Oct 1: Scores of students still missing after Mexican police ambushed protest against neoliberal education policies

Sept 29: New UN development goals, same failed policies

Sept 27: Imperialism and the Ebola Catastrophe

Sept 27: Share buybacks – Symptom of a decaying economic order

Sept 27: How the Naveen Jindal group may be conducting proxy mining in Odisha

Sept 26: Hundreds of Mahadalits flee Bihar village after threats

Sept 25: MP agrees to amend 20 labour laws

Sep 23: Supreme Court cracks down on encounter killings by police

Sept 23: Hyderabad Police stop revolutionary group from holding meet

Sept 21: Uttar Pradesh’s sugar crisis leading to suicides

Sept 20: NDA clears 80 per cent of proposals for forest diversion

Sept 19: Plants Frames and False Implications

Sept 19: Police violence and students protest in Kolkata

Sept 17: A ‘Maoist’ encounter, the (un)accidental death of an adivasi

Sep 17: Students protesting against molestation in Jadavpur University beaten up by police and outsiders

Sept 16: Failing to get it right

Sept 16: Ujjain Vice Chancellor Attacked For Appeal to Help Flood-Hit in J&K

Sep 16: Government considers closing state owned companies like BSNL, MTNL, Air India

Sep 15: Ministers mount pressure to dilute Forest Rights Act

Sept 14: Who is guiding Modi and Shah

Sept 13: Kashmir flood, Indian army and media propaganda

Sept 12: Western Uttar Pradesh economy pays the price of communalism

Sept 10: Reverse boycott helps Sangrur dalits win equality battle

Sept 10: Egyptians protest poor economy

Sept 9: Govt may do away with tribal consent for cutting forests

Sept 7: No escaping the surveillance state?

Sept 7: Naxals anti bauxite meet pulls big crowd

Sept 7: NDA pursuing anti adivasi agenda in the name of countering Maoists

Sep 5: Hundreds of US fast-food protesters arrested while striking

Sept. 4: For a WTO stand with PDS in hand

Sept 3: Ukraine and the militarization of Europe

Sept 2: Gunning for Vandana Shiva

Aug 29: 31000 SC and ST undertrials are languishing in jail

Aug 29: Police Records Puncture BJP Propaganda

Aug 28: Government Waging War Against Maoists at the Behest of Corporates

Aug 27: Palestinian joy as Israel agrees Gaza truce

Aug 26: Documentary film-maker Shubhradeep Chakravorty passes away

Aug 23: Who is guiding Modi’s economic thinking an

Aug 23: Bastar is set to be the most militarised zone in the entire country

Aug 20: A Movement Grows in Ferguson

Aug 17: Behind Gujarat growth

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