Asura: A Magazine from TISS Students

March 13, 2015

Asura is a magazine published by students from Tata Institute of Social Sciences TISS ( In their editorial statement, they state

Colonial powers controlled our resources and us by directly ruling over us. Copyright is also a naya-avatar of controlling resources and censoring us. Brahminism works on the same funda of concentration of power by controlling expressions and flow of ‘knowledge’. They even define what ‘knowledge’ is.

Even censorship exists not to determine the morality or relevance of any work but to control dissent. It also helps in maintaining monopolies and hierarchies. We are against the brahminical and capitalist agenda of putting value on knowledge and even defining what is knowledge.Webelieve that any idea, any work comes through a process and not produced in isolation.

The latest issue of the magazine, “Thinking through Food“, a collection of satirical essays, poems, and stories, is particularly relevant at the present time. Its introduction states:

[The] recent demand for inclusion of beef and pork in Dining Hall by TISS students created lots of discussion around food. In this context this issue is an attempt to think through food.