Tamil Nadu: Murderderous police assault on incarcerated CPI(Maoist ) prisoner

March 31, 2015

Report received from Indian Workers Association (GB)

Condemned Police state (Tamilnadu) Atrocity.

Murderderous assault on communist party of India( Maoist) prisoner

Balan @ vivek, s/o Janardhan is a communist party of India (Maoist) prisoner RP.No. 3218/2012, under trial for the last 3 years. He has been put up in Madurai prison after an initially remanding in Cuddalore for an year.

His case is under trial court and the trial is proceeding for the last few months at Periakulam about 80 Kms from Maduari.

We have been visiting him once in awhile.

Now coming to the present issue of murderous assault upon him in Madurai prison here is the following:


On 14/3/2015, Advocate Raja, visited Vivek in prison. After the interview with the advocate at about 12.30 noon, Vivek was returning to his cell. There is a team to check the prison inmates who for interview or outside and return. This team has been behaving in an undignified manner checking the under wares of the inmates and vivek has been protesting this. Vivek protested on this and did not heed to this procedure for check up.*

This team on the said day, called OCT is a special team put in the prison to monitor the activity of him, shouted at him in foul languages for not heeding to the check up and Vivek retorted back to this. Suddenly the OCT consisting of 8-10 members pounced upon him form behind and attacked him with a terrible blow on his back head and neck. Due to this sudden attack Vivek fell down on the ground and the OCT with booted legs kicked on his chest and booted on his face , on his cheek just below forehead. He was going unconscious and trying to his breath difficult.*

These three police personnel belonging to act were involved in this
murderous assault and made vicious attempt to kill. 1) Manikandan 2)
Murugaperumal 3) Thyagarajan.

Immediately after the assault he had difficulty to breathe. head had
heaviness in chest. suffocation. injurious in back head, unbearable pain at spine just below head, heavy pain at shoulder, swollen face. One officer in charge Narayanan who tried to resolve the situation was also pushed and thrown aside by this OCT.

This brutal attack on him shook the prison in mates who witnessed this as that was interview time on Saturday. They were totally shaken by fear and stood aghast as this righteous person himself was being assaulted before them. Vivek was then taken to the prison hospital and he went on hunger fast protesting against this brutal attack and insisting on protection to life. his sugar level was oscillating between 52-56 and he was put on drips from the second day. His cell mates as well as other prison mates numbering around 100, went on solidarity hunger fast on sunday.

Vivek continued his fast till Tuesday and after the DIG prisons visited him and gave assurance on Tuesday evening 4.30 pm, he withdrew the hunger fast as his sugar level was also going below 56.

Vivek attended the trial court on 18/3/2015. He gave the details of the assault in writing to the trial court. The trial court judge was only a police personnel in judicial robe, he contended. even though he did not believe any action would come forth, still to record the events and bring forth the prevailing conditions as whole, he was just filing the petition. The trial court judge did not respond and just filed the papers with vampire expressions.