Sep 2 strike at Gurgaon-Manesar: Press releases from WSC

September 2, 2015

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RELEASE: 1ST September 2015, Gurgaon

Today’s hundreds of workers from Gurgaon-Manesar-Dharuhera-Bawal industrial belt actively participated in a Mazdoor Rally and Sabha called by the Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon-Bawal). More than a hundred workers from the four plants of Maruti Suzuki, namely Maruti Suzuki Manesar, Maruti Suzuki Gurgaon, Suzuki Motorcycles, Suzuki Powertrain participated in the rally. Many workers from Honda, Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Motors, ASTI Electronics, Baxter, Munjal Kiriu, Autofit, Bellsonica, Premium Moulding, Endurance and many other factories participated in a show of united resolve to make the strike successful tomorrow. These are mostly factories which have seen a recent and ongoing history of struggles in their factories.

The program began with a mass meeting of workers in Kamla Nehru Park, Gurgaon, where the resolve to on fight contractualisation, worsening working conditions, continual terminations and job-cuts while the profit-margins of the owners-management increase, non-revision and non-implementation of minimum wage and other forms of increasing exploitation was stressed. Significantly many workers from unorganized sector and the non-unionized garment industry were actively present in the militant rally and demonstration. Worker representatives submitted a protest memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through the DC, Gurgaon, where the rally concluded in the afternoon.

All speakers expressed united resolve to fight the constant atmosphere of state repression unleashed on workers legitimate demands in the industrial belt, like that seen from Maruti Suzuki Manesar to Sriram Pistons to Asti Electronics. Representatives from Jan Sangharsh Manch- Haryana, IMK (Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra), KNS (Krantikari Naujawan Sabha), PUDR (Peoples Union for Democratic Rights Delhi), AITUC, HMS, CITU and others came in solidarity.

Vice President of Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU) Comrade Dharmendra, Com Bhimrao from Hero Motocorp Workers Union, Suzuki Motorcycles India Employees Union President Com Anil, Suzuki Powertrain India Employees Union President Anil, MUKU President Com. Rajesh and Gen Sec Kuldeep Jhanghu, Baxter Employees Union President Manjeet, Bellsonica workers Union President Com. Atul, Endurance employees Union President Com. Hitesh, Bajaj Motors Workers Union Vice President com. Ramesh, CITU haryana Gen Sec com. Satbir, AITUC Haryana Gen Sec Com. Anil, HMS leader com. S D Tyagi, Comrade Somnath from Jan Sangharsh Manch Haryana, Com. Deepak from IMK, and Comrade Raghvendra from Asti Theka Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti and Comrade Amit from Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon-Bawal) were some of those who spoke in the Sabha.

It was unanimously resolved that all will actively participate and make the all-out strike in the Gurgaon-Manesar-Dharuhera-Bawal industrial belt tomorrow 2nd September 2015 successful.
End the regime of exploitation-repression in the name of Labour Law Reforms!
Let us make the 2nd September 2015 Strike successful !
Workers unity and struggle long live!


on behalf of Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon-Bawal)

Amit (9873057637)
Rajpal (9466167876)

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