September 2 strikes : updates

September 2, 2015

Statement from All India Coal Workers’ Federation


Jibon Roy, General Secretary, AICWF has issued the following statement on the above subject for favour of publication and communication through electronic media.

“ All India Coal Workers’ Federation congratulates the Working Class India for their historical response to 2nd. September nationwide strike and specially the Coal Workers reaching the peak of 90% achievement in the strike rate. Federation views the success which went cutting across affiliations as the beginning of people’s unmasking a diabolical rule which strangulates the working populations.

The Government sought to consolidate a regime of hatred, divide working community through imposition of slavery to fetch unpaid labour from amongst the most socially backwards and thus imposing partial fascism through labor route. Which could have been more cruel than withdrawing the labour law protection from 70% of workers and organize return of labour concentration camp? Such camps are now rampant in coal mining areas after privatization law has been passed.

Federation calls upon the coal workers to take the pride for playing the leadership role to expose the worst which was being imposed in snail pace and they went to the historical strike on 6th. & 7th.

January this year while hoisting the flag against privatization, slavery and the menace of jobless growth. Federation Calls upon to carry forward the campaign on 12 point charter with 35 hrs duty ( 5 days’ week which has assumed a national demand in the industry) to its command and convert the gain in the strike into organization. The Unity between the said platform and Organisational consolidation would ultimately consolidate the Trade Union Unity.

The distribution of strike success goes for the present as follows and the rate, however has been improving in every passing hour: All India 90%. ECL – total strike in 7 areas, 80 to 90% in remaining. CCL & BCCL – 90 to 95%, Singarani (SCCL) 100%, NCL – 80%, SECL – 70 – 80%. MCL – Total in Talcher 80% in rest areas. WCL – 85%, Kolkata Offices – 90%”



received from Sudha Bharadwaj

2nd September 2015 saw a historic unity and industrial action by workers in Bhilai.

Central trade unions AITUC, CITU, AICCTU; independent left unions Pragatisheel Cement Shramik Sangh, Loktantrik Ispat Evam Engineering Shramik Sangh; and the left Sanyukt Trade Union Manch (including TUCI and NTUI) brought all sections of the Bhilai working class into the strike.

90% of the contract workers of the Bhilai Steel Plant struck work in an unprecedented manner, while even the permanent workers participated significantly.

ACC Holcim – both old and new plants saw a total strike by contract workers and construction workers. Significant number of permanent workers also responded spontaneously to the appeal.

Majority of contract workers of the NSPCL Power Plant also struck work. Dalit safai workers of the Sector 9 Hospital actively participated in the strike action.

Scores of women and men strikers of the Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha (Mazdoor Karyakarta Committee) stood at 19 points leading to the Bhilai Industrial Estate distributing pamphlets and appealing to workers to join the strike. Hundreds of small and medium units remained closed as workers spontaneously responded.

The notable exception was in the Bhilai Engineering Corporation where the pocket union of Prabhunath Mishra (a conspirator in the Niyogi murder case) and Seemanchal Tripathi forced their way in with 200 strike breakers.

Bansi Lal, Lakhan Sahu, Kaladas Dehariya, Ramakant Banjare, Saraswati Sahu, Kalyan Singh Patel, Neera Dehariya, Rajkumar Sahu, Sudha Bharadwaj

Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha (Mazdoor Karyakarta Committee)


Update from the strike site in Manesar

“Workers of almost all companies in IMT Manesar including Maruti, Honda, FCC Rico, Baxter, Endurance, JNS and so on have struck work today. Few companies, especially those without Unions tried to run production. Activists of Workers Solidarity Centre ran a campaign today from 4.30 am in front of factory gates in the area. Workers of Indo Auto, where there is no union, got down from the buses and decided to join the strike after a campaign amongst them. The labour contractor, the HR manager, the local police came to the spot, threatened the workers and the activists of WSC. But the workers stood firm and refused to join work. Also the workers of AG industry refused to join work after a campaign. Workers from inside informed us that production is going on in Asti, Rico Gurgaon, Amtek auto Manesar and a company in plot no 185 sector 3 Manesar. A team comprising comrades of WSC and some striking workers are going to the gates of these factories.

In the garment sector a sizable section of workers are preparing to strike, where some comrades are right now. The workers from Orient Craft factory near Hero Honda Chowk contacted expressing their willingness to strike. Will update soon on garment sector.”



Suzuki Motorcycle Employees Union, Gurgaon



Updates from IMK, Uttrakhand,

उत्तराखंड पुलिस का दमन इंकलाबी मजदूर केंद्र कार्यकर्ताओं पर…..
आज दिनांक 31/08/2015 को, 2 सितम्बर 2015 को देशव्यापी हङताल के समर्थन में, सभा कर रहे इंकलाबी मजदूर केंद्र के महासचिव अमित और उनके साथी राजू सिंह और कुलदीप को हरिद्वार सिङकुल पुलिस ने सभा स्थल से उठाकर आज शाम 8 बजे लाकप में बंद कर दिया है। यह नुक्कड़ सभा हरिद्वार सिङकुल से लगे गांव रावली मैहदूद, गांव में हो रही थी।
सभी मजदूर साथियों से अपील की जाती है कि 2 सितम्बर की इस हङताल को कुचलने की इस साजिश का पुरजोर विरोध करें। और मेहनतकशों की एकजुटता को परदशित करें,। और दुनिया के मजदूरों एक हों के नारे से धरती काे गुंजायमान कर दे!
उत्तराखंड पुलिस की इस कार्यवाही के खिलाफ कल दिनांक 01/09/2015 को प्रात:10:00 बजे जिलाधिकारी कार्यालय रूद्रपुर में एकत्र होकर उत्तराखंड सरकार के खिलाफ प्रदशन में शामिल होकर मजदूर एकता जिदांबाद के नारे को बुलंद करे ,

कैलाश भट्ट
इंकलाबी मजदूर केन्द्र रूद्रपुर



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More than 10000 people participated in the rally to protest against the proposed labour law reforms and anti-worker policies of the modi government. People had started gathering by 11.30 AM and the march commenced by around 12.00 PM from the labour commissioners office and culminated near Ambdekar Putla near the Pune railway station where the representatives of the participating trade unions delivered speeches. Except for BMS, the trade union of BJP, all the major trade unions and the local workers unions in Pune participated in the rally and supported the general strike. Many students also had joined in todays protest in solidarity with the workers demands.

By the standards of political mobilization in Pune, it was quite a resounding success both in terms of the numbers and also the unity forged among the working class unions in the city. The message sent from the dias of the workers was that if the modi government goes ahead with its plans of labour law changes, workers will come out on the streets to stiffly resist any such move.



Coimbatore and Giridih



Report of Ballary: 2nd Sept All India Strike Trade Union Centre Of India (TUCI) And Ballary Zilla Gani Karmikar Sangh Held Massive Rally And Public Meeting in Ballary Karnataka more then 3 Thousand workers from mains, steel plants, transport, power plant, and other sector are participated.


Delhi University Teachers Association joins the strike!





Hyderabad Central University

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Update From Ahmedabad

All affiliated unions of Gujarat Mazdoor Sabha (GMS) and Gujarat Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) joined strike and held rally to protest the proposed amendments to various labour legislations today



Ganjam : Workers belongs to IFTU affiliated unions are participating in the All India General Strike at Aska town



हड़ताल के समर्थन में,नौजवान भारत सभा सोनीपत

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Rail Roko at Bhubaneswar railway station on the Occasion of ALL INDIA GENERAl STRIKE called by central tread unions and supported by Political parties.



At Punjabi University Patiala :: AIDSO,SFI,AISF




The Great Public Gathering in Bangalore: After the 1981 outrage of public against attack on public sectors, Bangalore is witnessing the biggest ever public protest against the Modi’s corporate-favoured rule in india.



बंगाल: इ.सी.एल.

2 सितंबर हड़ताल के बारे में इ.सी.एल से आरंभिक रिपोर्ट
इ.सी.एल. में हड़ताल नहीं होने देने के लिए तृणमूल कांग्रेस-आईएनटीटीयूसी-पुल‍िस और कोल मैनेजमेंट, खासकर तृणमूल और मैनेजमेंट के द्वारा दिखाई गई खुली नंगी तानाशाही व दादागिरी।
बीएमस ने भी की इनके साथ मिली भगत
बंगाल स्थित इसीएल के मैनेजमेंट ने हड़ताल में शामिल हुए मजदूरों को कल से ड्यूटी ज्‍वाइन करने के पहले allow करवाने हेतु प्रार्थना पत्र जमा करने के दिए आदेश
हड़ताल के दो दिन पहले ही खान मजदूर कर्मचारी यूनियन की पीट मिटिंग को डिस्‍टर्ब करते हुए इनके द्वारा हड़ताल करने पर मारपीट की खुली धमकी दी गई थी। यही नहीं, आईएफटीयू (सर्वहारा) तथा खान कर्मचारी यूनियन की होने वाली अन्‍य दूसरी मिटिंग को रोकने के लिए भी आईएनटीटीयूसी ने हमारी द्वारा तय सभास्‍थलों पर पहले से ही अपने झंडे गाड़ दिए और बहाना बना दिया कि यहॉं हमारी मिटिंग चल रही है। वे खुलेआम मारपीट और बम गोली पर उतारू दिखे। यह स्थिति खासकर 1/2 कोलियरी में की गई। हालांकि पंडेश्‍वर में हमारी मिटिंगों को डिस्‍टर्ब करने की हिम्‍मत इसने नहीं की। हड़ताल से एक-दो दिनों पूर्व आईएनटीटीयूसी से इस मसले पर हुई हमारी नोंक-झोंक अखबारों तक में छपी और हमने यह आरोप खुले तौर पर लगाया कि इनका यह रवैया असहनीय है और मजदूर आज न कल इसका जवाब देंगे।
खासकर पूरे झांझरा क्षेत्र में पीट मिटिंग में जाने पर या उसमें किसी तरह से भाग लेने पर सस्‍पेंड करने की खुली धमकी मैनेजमेंट के तरफ से दी गई।
दूसरे क्षेत्रों में भी ऐसी ही या इससे भी बुरी स्‍थिति रही।
इसी की वजह से सीटू, एटक आदि इसीएल में प्रचार नहीं कर सके। कम से कम हम यह तो कह ही सकते हैं कि इन्‍हें तृुणमूल की दादागिरी का बहाना बनाने का मौका मिल गया। इनके द्वारा 1 या 2 सितंबर को भी कहीं कोई जत्‍था नहीं निकाला गया। कोई मिटिंग भी नहीं की गई। इससे भी मजदूरों में कोई जोश व्‍याप्‍त नहीं हो सका। मजदूरों के मन में इस बात का भी गुस्‍सा दिखा कि इस लड़ाई से होगा क्‍या?
आईएफटीयू -सर्वहारा के प्रयासों के बारे में मजदूरों का कहना था कि इन्‍होंने तो हड़ताल बुलाई नहीं है। उनका यह भी कहना था कि आईएनटीटीयूसी से जुड़े या उनकी सदस्‍यता ग्रहण किये मजदूर डर के मारे उनका डिक्‍टेट मान रहे हैं और वे हड़ताल के विरूद्ध काम पर जाने को मजबूर हैं। सदस्‍यता न ली, मानों उनकी गुलामी ही लिख दी। मजदूर इस गुलामी को कब उतार फेेंकेंगे इसका इंतजार है।
फिर भी इसीएल से आये आरंभिक रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक तृुणमूल पूरे तौर पर हड़ताल पर रोक लगाने में सफल नहीं हो सकी है।
पहली बात, आईएफटीयू के सभी साथी पूरी तरह हड़ताल पर रहे। यह ध्‍यान रहे और पहले से ही सभी को यह मालुम है इस हड़ताल को आईएफटीयू (सर्वहारा) रस्‍मअदायगी मानता है और इसके आयोजकों को मजदूर आंदोलन का भगोड़ा।
आज के बाद ”रस्‍मअदायगी” के ये वीर बहादूर क्‍या करेंगे यह स्‍पष्‍ट करने का कोई कष्‍ट इन्‍होंने आज तक नहीं किया है। अगर इस एक दिवसीय रस्‍म से सरकार पीछे नहीं हटेगी, तो क्‍या ये वीर बहादूर दूसरे चरण के वृहत्‍तर आंदोलन की तैयारी लेंगे? कोयला मजदूरों को इस संदर्भ में इन पर रत्‍ती भी विश्‍वास नहीं दिखा। इनका कहना है कि ये पूरी तरह सो जाएंगे और श्रम कानूनों में बदलाव हो ही जाएंगे, जैसे कि जनवरी हुए रस्‍मी हड़ताल से कोल ऑर्डिनेंस नहीं रूका।
फिर भी, आई.एफ.टी.यू अपने इलाकों में सक्रिय था और जिन इलाकों में हमारा काम है वहां से आई आरंभिक रिपोर्ट यह कि
”झांझरा,पांडेश्वर,केन्दा,सातग्राम,कुनुस्तोरिया,सोनपुरबाजारी में हड़ताल लगभग 30 फीसदी सफल रही और काजोरा एरिया में लगभग 50 फिसदी सफल रही। दूसरी तरफ, सोधपुर एरिया के नर्सुमुदा, धेमोमेन, मिठानी कोलियरी में हड़ताल लगभग 100 फिसदी सफल रही। झारखण्ड स्थित इसीएल के राजमहल और मोगमा एरिया में हड़ताल 100 फिसदी, सलानपुर एरिया में भी 100 फिासदी सफल रही।”
इस्स्को स्टील प्लांट में भी असर दिखा गया और रानीगंज,जामुरिया इंडस्ट्रियल इलाके में हड़ताल असरदार रहा| ज्ञातत्‍व हैू रानीगंज इंडस्ट्रियल इलाके में आईएफटीयू सर्वहारा सक्रिय है।
हालांकि दुर्गापुर में हड़ताल का बहुत मामूली असर रहा |
हम जल्‍द ही बंगाल में स्थित इसीएल में तृूणमूल की खुली दादागिरी की वजह से मजदूर आंदोलन की जो स्थिति पैदा हुर्इी है उसे समेटते हुए इसीएल में हुई 2 सिंतंबर की हड़ताल पर संपूर्ण रिपोर्टिंग पेश करेंगे।


Updates from Lal Chowk, Srinagar, KASHMIR

Srinagar, Sep 2: Pledging to continue their united struggle against oppressive policies of the establishment against working class, 20 different unions under the banner of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) on Wednesday staged a sit-in at Sher-e-Kashmir Park here in Srinagar demanding immediate rollback of anti working class policies of the union and the state government.

The unions which took part in the protest included Anganwari Workers/Helpers Union, ASHA Workers Union, Construction Workers Union, Handicraft Workers Union, CPW and Mid-day meal workers union, Kashmir Casual and daily Wagers Union, Safaie Karamchari Workers Union, Aircel Tower Land Owners Anion, Centaur Hotel Employees Union, Chopan Welfare Association, LIC Employees union, JK Bank Officers Association, Four Lane and Tunnel Workers Union (Navayuga, Ramki), Horticulture Non-Gazetted Employees Union, MG NREGA employees union, Medical Representatives Union and PDD Employees Union.

Addressing the protesting workers, CITU State president M.Y Tarigami said the interests of the working class can be safeguarded only through a united resistance against all oppressive and repressive policies of the central and state governments. He said the establishment be in New Delhi or here in Jammu and Kashmir are unfortunately on a warpath against hapless working class who act as backbone of our economy.

Tarigami said that “Ache Din” phrase coined by Prime Minister Narender Modi was actually meant for big corporates in the country who benefit from tax exemption worth millions and trillions of rupees. The working class has never surfaced in priorities of the Prime Minister Modi.

The CITU president remarked that the working class has a little choice because of their need for work to earn a livelihood in these pressing times of inflation and sky touching markets. He said the anganwadi workers and helpers, ASHA, the mid-day-meal workers, the teaching and non teaching staff or other working in centrally supported schemes like National Child Labour Project, National Rural Livelihood Mission, or Agriculture Technology Management Agency have all been totally neglected and targeted by the BJP led union government sofar.

On this occasion, PDF chairman and MLA Khan Saheb Hakim Mohammad Yaseen appreciated the efforts of working class trying to uphold their rights enshrined in the constitution. However, he called for a joint resistance against the policies of the BJP led dispensation in New Delhi saying that if left unheeded, the plans which were reflected in controversial Land Acquisition Act will impact the working class heavily. Yaseen pledged his support to demands of the working class in the state.

In his address, Ghulam Hassan Mir, DPN chairman and former minister also expressed solidarity with the protesting working class ridiculing the present dispensation in the state for ignoring the genuine demands of the workers and volunteers working under different schemes supported by the central government. He resolved to support the working class struggle in whatever form and the role he can play.

Ghulam Nabi Malik, State Secretary CPI (M) and senior leader of Construction Workers Union Mohd Afzal Parray flayed the central and state governments over lack of social security benefits to the workers, rampant violation of labour laws, non-implementation of minimum wages act, extensive contractualization of workforce and attacks on trade union rights.

CITU secretary Abdul Rashid Najar said the central government has framed such policies by virtue of which future of the lakhs of workers engaged under different schemes like Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), National Health Mission (NHM), Sarva Shiksha Abhyan (SSA) and Mid Day Meal (MDM), ASHAs who have served the poor women and children all their lives with a nominal ‘honorarium’ has become uncertain.

Speaking on the occasion, CITU vice president Abdul Ghani Bhat expressed serious concern over the pathetic condition of causal labourers, daily rated workers, daily wagers, CPWs, NYC saying that regularization of the services of these workers in different departments has become a distant dreams for thousands of families who are directly dependent on these workers. Instead of addressing their problem in the state, efforts are on to privatize Public Sector Undertaking like Centaur Hotel thereby rendering hundreds of hapless employees jobless.

Wahid Sultan
For State Committee Office