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March 22, 2016

Mar 19: Arrest of Dr. Saibal Jana

Dr. Saibal Jana has been arrested in a police case related to July 1, 1992 Bhilai Police firing on the agitating workers of the Bhilai Industrial Area.

Dr. Jana along with Dr. Binayak Sen and Dr. Asish Kundu, initiated the Shaheed Hospital, the program by the toilers for the toilers. At the time of the struggle, Dr. Jana was a member of the central decision making committe of the Chattisgarh Mukti Morcha. He was
present at the site of the agitation with the hospital team to provide medical assistance to the agitators.

Now he has been kept in the Durg District Hospital in judicial custody.

Mar 19: Arrest of Debaranjan Sarangi

Activist-documentary film maker Debaranjan Sarangi has been picked up by the police in Kucheipadar village in Kashipur district in Orissa by the Malkangiri police. He has been arrested via non-bailable warrant issued by the court of JMFC, Kashipur, in pursuance of a criminal case registered in the Tikri police station of Raygada District in 2005.

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Feb 12: “Down with Anti worker police and judiciary”

A guard of 26 years of age was found dead all of a sudden in B66 Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase 1, New Delhi on February 12th, 2016. Workers gathered and demanded an FIR and action against Owner. After 6 hours pf standoff police refused to arrest the owner but resorted to teargassing and lath charge.

Interestingly owner could still not be found but police, no cases were not made against the owner but police raided the jhuggi early morning and arrested 19 workers of IFTU and made cases u/s 147, 148, 149, 356, 186, 447, 449 and dacoity!!! Magistrate sends them to jail by going to police station so that defense lawyer cannot be present.

Down with Anti worker police and judiciary.

Police is continuing with the arrest and is raiding office of Trade Union and Jhuggis. All the officers have been apprised Addl. Labour commissioner, DCP, Labour Ministry but of no avail. Police is playing in the hands of owners and Aam Adami Party is busy with self-praising and propaganda.

Please spread this and call at these  number to pressurize these authorities

Sh. V.S.Arya -Addl. Labour Commissioner-cum-Addl. Secretary (Labour)
Telefax: 23977832
E-mail address:-

Addl. CP SOUTH-WEST DISTT.     91-11-28042984, 28042990, 28042984
Labour Minister 01123392109        085 88 833515

Your support will be very valuable to the struggle

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Alwar: Factory Occupation by Honda Workers

a report by Amit (Workers Solidarity Centre)


Workers across categories of permanent-contract-trainee-apprentice of Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India Ltd. factory at Tapukara in the Rajasthan-Haryana border in Alwar at the heart of DMIC struck work today at around 2 pm today. At present 2000 striking workers have occupied the factory and are sitting inside. Thousands of other workers in the B and C shifts have joined and are sloganeering at the factory gate. Company bouncers are threateningly at the factory gate trying to create conflict with the workers outside. The local administration is trying to intervene with increasing Police deployment to repress the workers.

In the morning today, a supervisor physically attacked and verbal abused a contract worker in the Paint shop for refusal to work overtime. This contract worker was ill because of having continuously worked over-time for last few days, but was still being forced to work over-time today, and when he protested, the supervisor caught hold of his throat and physically attacked him. This was a regular instance of normal repressive control that the management deploys inside the factory but today the workers had had enough. The collective rage of the workers erupted as the HMSI management along with the labour department tried to scuttle their year-long struggle for Right to Union formation by suspending and terminating Union leaders.

Meanwhile fellow Honda workers in the Gurgaon plant boycotted food in the afternoon in solidarity with the Tapukara plant workers, and against management intransigence at their own settlement process.


Nov 23: गुडगाँव DC ऑफिस का सामने मेट्रो कंपनी के कर्मचारी की धरने

आज सुबह गुडगाँव DC ऑफिस का सामने मेट्रो कंपनी के कर्मचारी अपने १५० बर्खास्त साथियो की बहाली के लिए धरने पे बैठे थे, तभी पुलिस ने सारे धरनारत मज़दूरों को वहा से खदेड़ दिया |
पर बाद में िछले २ महीने से संघर्षरत bridgestone और टाइटस कंपनी के मज़दूरों के आने से और बढ़ती संख्या देख पुलिस पीछे हट गयी |

गुडगाँव में एक के बाद एक लगातार कंपनिया मज़दूरों को अवैध तरीके से निकलती जा रही है और उसके विरोध करने पे प्रशासन दमन पे उतारू है | अपनी मांगो को ले के अभी भी साथी DC ऑफिस का सामने धरना पे बैठे है |

Oct 27: Urgent Update: Student Protestors at UGC brutally lathicharged and detained

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15 students badly injured and taken to the hospital.

  • 50 students picked up by the police and beaten even inside the police van.
  • Male Police beat up women students. Police charged at the protesters. Women were beaten up badly by male Police officers individually inside the bus after detention. Women were beaten in the middle of the road.
  • The detained students have been taken to Kamla Market Police Station.
  • 200 students are protesting in front of police station.

These are the students fighting for safeguarding the Non – NET scholarship, which is a lifeline for the students of research in higher education institutions in India. The abolishing of this particular scholarship would mean that a large section from the most marginalized section would not be able to take on research or continue into higher education all together. The UGC, which is a very crucial institution in the education sector, is reflecting the same changes as being reflected by the policies of the Central government i. e. the policies of privatization, policies of fund cut and policies which seek to further marginalize the dalits, adivasis and other marginalized sections.

The #OccupyUGC movement which has emerged in past few days could be seen as a reaction to not only this particular policy but also other measures like semesterization, fee hikes etc which have already harmed the interests of students to a large extent. The policies are part of the larger planning to sell away education to the private sector such that it would become completely unaffordable for the masses and get confined to the elite and privileged sections of the society. The oppression of the State against students is only increasing, as many as 100 students were detained on the 3rd day of the strike, 23rd October 2015 and the same day many others were brutally lathi-charged. The situation is drastically changing by the government machinery being more aggressive to the legitimate demands by the student community. The Government is playing with lives of hundreds of students in this country by negating their right to higher education!

Kamla Market Police Station number – Flood with calls on 011-23233743.

Delhi Solidarity Group

For further details contact: 09560986354, 09899002996, 09643349452

Oct 27: Brutal police attack on students protesting at UGC headquarters

There is a brutal attack on students, who were protesting in front of UGC headquarters. Police has lathicharged the students a while ago. Many were assaulted inside police van. More than ten students are grievously injured and have been taken to LNJP hospital. Many students have been detained – their whereabouts are still unknown.

Oct 23: Delhi- Police crackdown on students’ protest at UGC headquarters


Students released from detention. Roadblock at ITO after lathicharge. Negotiations with UGC has failed.

Earlier: afternoon – More than 200 students are sitting in front of the UGC office after blocking ITO for over twenty minutes. Police misbehaved with protesting students, lathicharged on us as well. Two injured badly.

Earlier: morningStudents from universities across Delhi had occupied the UGC building since Wednesday demanding #increaseofnonnetfellowship in response to the UGC’s decision to scrap it. ABVP came in large numbers few hours back and attacked the protestors by pelting stones. Around 6 am, a huge police force including ITBP, Delhi Police and police in civilian dress rounded up the protesting students. There was a massive CRPF deployment inside the UGC premises against protesting students. All those present, around 100 of them protesting against UGC, have been forcefully evicted and arrested by the police.

The students have been ferried all the way to a police station in Bhalaswa in the outskirts of the city by the police: C block, Rajiv Nagar, Bhalaswa Dairy.


PS: This while ABVP goons who were abusing women protestors (caught on camera) and pelting stones at student protestors camping inside the UGC premises, right in front of the police deployed, roam free.

Education is not for sale: #increasenonnetfellowship

Oct 2: Hyderabad: Report of protest against torture and fake encounter killings in Warangal

A report by Bittu

Massive repression marked the march, organized by 372 organizations together towards Assembly from Sunderaiyyah Vignana Kendram at 10 am against the torture and fake encounter killing of two Maoist cadre in Warangal. One of them, a woman comrade, also showed signs of having been subjected to sexual violence.

Varalakshmi, Secretary of Revolutionary Writers Association was placed under house arrest the afternoon before the march. Students of Telangana Vidyarthi Sangathan and Democratic Students Union who were campaigning for the Chalo Assembly March in Osmania University the night before the March were arrested at night. Several people were placed under house arrest on the morning of the march. Thousands of people were picked up at train and bus stations on the way to Hyderabad, mostly even before they made it to the district train/bus station. The site of the dharna was cordoned off with barricades and all groups of people approaching it were arrested; there was also a brutal lathi charge and protesters were also thrashed in police vans. Only 4 people were exempt from detention: Prof. Haragopal, who was told by police that they had strict instructions not to detain him – even though he courted arrest; Kodand Ram and two other prominent Telangana statehood figures were informally policed but not formally arrested. This was a clever attempt by the KCR government to salvage its image given that everyone involved with the Telangana statehood movement had denounced the fake encounter and torture. In total, Civil Liberties Committee estimated 15,000 people were arrested across the state. We were detained all day and released late in the evening. One person Com. Mahesh was picked up again after being released, and taken for a 3 hour ride around the city in the way people are often driven elsewhere before being killed in a fake encounter, while being intimidated all the way. Several individuals were targetted and incarcerated separately. While CPI, CPM and several other organizations’ members were all arrested in this massive dharna, there was a clear difference between how their cadre were treated and those from the radical left. There was a lot of media coverage and along with the farmer suicide issue burning up Telangana, the KCR government’s credibility in bringing ‘Bangara Telangana’ – Golden Telangana – was severely damaged.

Sep 28: भिलाई छत्तीसगढ़ ACC Holcim मे गोलीकांड

साथियो 26.09.2015 को सुबह 8 बजे प्रोजेक्ट के मज़दूरों ने 4 महीनो का बकाया वेतन की मांग की , तब सुपरवाइजर ने ठेकेदार को बताया , फिर ठेकेदार ने कहा की मुझे चेक नहीं मिला है , मैं कहा से दूंगा . फिर देखते -देखते प्लांट हेड सुनील गुप्ता आया और माँ -बहन की गाली देकर कहना लगा की जब हमारी मर्जी होगी तब देंगे , उसी मे मज़दूरों ने कहा की आप गली मत दीजिये और हमारा पैसे दिज्ये , फिर देखते -देखते ACC Holcim का बोउन्सेरो ने मज़दूरों को मारना सुरु किया , फिर मज़दूर भी बहुतो की संख्या मैं इकठा हुए , माहोल गरम हुवा , प्लांट हेड सुनील गुप्ता ने अपने बॉडीगार्ड को फायरिंग करने का आदेश दे दिया जिसमे एक मज़दूर साथी का हाथ के तर्जनी से गोली छेद कर निकल गया . फिर भरी संख्या मैं मज़दूरों ने प्रबंधन के खिलाफ नारेबाजी की और देखते -देखते अफरा -तफरी मच गयी . घायल मज़दूर को हॉस्पिटल ले जाने के लिए जैसे निकल रहे थे , पता चलने पर मैं गेट पर पंहुचा और घ्याल शरमिक का वीडियो शूट किया , जिसे देख कर मैनेजमेंट मेरे पीछे लग गया और पुलिस भी मैनेजमेंट के साथ हो गया . आधे घंटे के बाद प्रोजेक्ट के मैं गेट मैं जैसे ही गया मेरे साथ प्रबंधक ने बलवा कराया . सैकड़ो लोगो ने लातो और घूसों से मारा और मेरे मोबाइल को छीन लिया . फिर पुरने प्लांट के 1000 मज़दूर काम बंद कर बैठ गया . गिरफ़्तारी की मांग की गयी . प्लांट हेड और बॉडीगार्ड का अभी फिलहाल बॉडीगार्ड गिरफ़्तारी हुई है . प्लांट हेड सुनील गुप्ता के गिरफ़्तारी का अल्टीमेटम दिया गया है . आप सब से अनुरोध है की इस गंभीर संकट के समय इस आंदोलन पर नजर रखे , और मदद करे , और अपने -अपने जगहों पर विरोध प्रदर्शन करे . अभी मेरे पास मोबाइल नहीं है , फेसबुक चला नहीं पा रहा हु , कंप्यूटर के माध्यम से इसे आप तक पंहुचा रहा हु , और अभी मेरी स्तिथि भी नहीं है की मैं मोबाइल ले सकू , लेकिन खबर पहुचने के जिम्मेदारी मेरी है .

आप सब का साथी
कलादास देहरिया


Sep 27: RSS Terror in Gwalior

आरक्षण पर प्रमुख मोहन भागवत द्वारा दिए ब्यान के विरुद्ध आज डॉ आंबेडकर स्टूडेंट फ्रंट ऑफ़ इंडिया (DASFI) यूनिट ग्वालियर (मप्र) द्वारा ग्वालियर में विरोध-प्रदर्शन एवं मनुस्मृति के साथ मोहन भागवत के पुतले के दहन का कार्यक्रम रखा गया था. दोपहर 12 बजे दहन किया जाना था. तक़रीबन 200 साथी प्रदर्शन के लिए इकट्ठे भी हो चुके थे. DASFI संगठन की टीम अपने साथियो के साथ रोड पर उतरे, उससे पहले ही संघियों ने शहर के प्रमुख चौकों पर डेरा डाल रखा था. संघियों द्वारा सुबह से ही साथियो की खोज शुरू कर दी गई थी, और वो जैसे तैसे करके वो हमारे कुछ टीम मेंबर्स के घर पहुचने में सफल रहे. वहा काफी बहस के बाद उन्होंने पुतले दहन होने पर जान तक लेने की धमकी दे दी. शाम तक उन्होंने साथियो को देख लेने की धमकी देते हुए वो चले गए. इसके बाद कोई भी साथी घर से निकला तो संघी उसके पीछे हो लेते, पूरा दिन ये सब घटनाक्रम चलने के बाद संघी कार्यकर्ता अब तक साथियो के पीछे पड़े है, इनके साथ वहा का पूरा पुलिस प्रसाशन तक है. तक़रीबन एक हज़ार से भी ज्यादा संघी हथियारों से लैस शहर के प्रमुख चौराहो पर दिन भर खड़े रहे है. प्राप्त जानकारी के अनुसार वहाँ के हालात अब तक काफी ख़राब है, संघी पुरे शहर में कार्यकर्ताओ को ढूंढ़ते फिर रहे है. ज्यादातर साथियो के घरो के चारो तरफ मंडरा रहे है. घात लगाये बैठे है. साथियो को जान का खतरा है. कोई भी राजनितिक संगठन समर्थन में अब तक नहीं आया, सामाजिक संगठनो में बामसेफ के कुछ साथी वहाँ पहुंचे है. स्वयं कुछ भी टिपण्णी करने और बहुजनो के होठो को सिलने की जो रणनीति आरएसएस तैयार कर रहा है उसके खिलाफ देशभर के बहुजन संगठनो को आगे आने की आवश्यकता है. संविधान या आरक्षण के साथ कोई भी छेड़छाड़ अगर होती है तो वह पुरे देश के बहुजनो की गुलामी की शुरुआत होगी. और इसके खिलाफ अब सिर्फ की मध्य-प्रदेश टीम ही नहीं बल्कि पुरे भारत की जितनी भी DASFI इकाइयां है वो संघर्ष के लिए तैयार रहे.

Sep 26: Strike in Maruti Manesar plant by the contract workers for their rights!
Brutal lathi charge by police on the contract workers!

# Jitender and Khushiram got bail.

# Jitender and Khushiram are now in court. Dhara 109, 345, 347 etc. Maruti Union body is also here in the court. One contract worker after the lathi charge is in Rockland hospital ICU with severe injury in chest, many others are also injured.

# According to Manesar police, they have taken large number of contract workers of Maruti in police custody. Also Khushiram and Jitender, terminated worker leaders and members of Workers Solidarity Centre, Gurgaon, who were there at the company gate in solidarity with striking workers, are also there in police custody. SHO, Manesar has gone to the Manesar plant to discuss the issue with the management. Union has demanded the immediate release of Workers. Police say that they are yet to file FIR, but the process is going on. Let us unite against the attacks and conspiracy of management-police-administration nexus! Stand in solidarity with the struggling workers of Maruti Manesar!

# This morning the contract workers of Maruti Manesar plant halted production and struck work demanding their rights. As they were sloganeering outside the plant, huge number of police force came. Just now they have brutally lathi charged on the striking workers. Many injured. Workers have been dispersed. It is not clear how many workers police have picked up still now. Police have already arrested many and still now that process is going on.

Sep 21: Brutal attack by police on protest against power tariff hike

People protesting against the power tariff hike at Y Road in Esplanade have been brutally attacked by armed police. SEC 144 has been imposed. Protesters have been forcefully arrested, some among them are our friends. Protesters include a lot of students and young activists from Kolkata and its outskirts.

Sep 3 : Hem Mishra granted bail

Sep 3 : Strike on now: Stand in Solidarity

Jyoti Garments workers are on strike and factory occupation in IMT Manesar now. Yesterday, when the workers expressed the decision to join the all-India strike, workers were threatened and one worker was beaten up by a supervisor. The workers are occupying the plant from last evening. The manager this morning threatened the workers that all those on strike would be thrown out. Stand in solidarity!