Delhi: Joint memorandum to Prime Minister demanding government action regarding incidents in Dadri

October 10, 2015

Date: 11.10.2015

The Prime Minister
Govt. of India
7 Race Course Road
New Delhi – 110003.

Subject:- Demanding Government action regarding the Dadri killing and communal violence.

We, the undersigned, are writing to you to protest the heinious killing of Mohammad Akhlaq, a resident of Bisahda village of Dadri in western Uttar Pradesh, who was brutally lynched to death by a communal mob on the night of 28th September. This gruesome murder took place over a rumour that Akhlaq and his family had ‘stolen and slaughtered a calf’ and ‘eaten beef’. In this context the rumour spread from an announcement by the priest of the local temple. The mob which forcefully barged into Akhlaq’s residence also beat his 80 year old mother, while Akhlaq and his son Danish were ruthlessly dragged out on the street and beaten with bricks and stones. Akhlaq succumbed to his injuries, while Danish’s seems to be recovering from serious head injury, doctor’s doubt if he would be able to completely recover his memory.

This particular incident of lynching should not be seen in isolation. Rather, there are many pointers to the fact that the murder of Akhlaq was an organised, planned communal act. What else could be the reason that an announcement was made from the temple mike that Akhlaq had slaughtered a cow? We believe that Akhlaq’s murder by a communal lynch mob is the direct consequence of the hate campaigns around beef eating and cow slaughter that has been continuing in the country for quite some time now.

It is even more disturbing that the Ministers from your cabinet and elected representatives and leaders from your party, the BJP, have in the aftermath of the incident have made all efforts to term the murder as an ‘accident’ and completely downplay the communal targeting that was too blatant to be missed in the incident. Some have even preferred to further vitiate and further communalise the atmosphere. BJP MP Yogi Adityanath has further said that we will provide weapons to all Hindus in that area. Such statements make it amply clear that your party is not interested in ensuring peace in the neither area nor providing justice to Akhlaq, but is trying its best to divide people along religious lines and spread hate.

It is even more disturbing and alarming that as the Prime Minister of the country you have preferred to remain silent or at best non committal about the incident. The only reference you made recently was to appeal to people to heed to the message of the President and not to listen to those who spread hate. This is both too little and too late. Why couldn’t you ask the members of your party to stop justifying the incident and spreading hate through communally inflammatory speeches, rather than asking people not to listen to them? We strongly believe that your silence emboldened those who engaged in victim blaming and is also an approval of those statements.

The Dadri episode is not a standalone incident, in August this year in the same Dadri area three Muslim youth were killed on the mere suspicipon of stealing cows, a Muslim man rumoured for being a ‘Pakistani terrorist’ was lynched to death in Kanpur. In a recent event one person (from the Sangh Parivar) has been caught red-handed in Azamgarh while he was throwing cow meat in a temple. Ranchi riot is another manifestation of it. Besides, there have been many recent incidents in various parts of India where Muslim youth have been stripped, beaten or lynched to death on the allegation of ‘love jihad’. The recent Cobra Post sting operation video exposes how the top BJP leaders made fake cases of rape and extortion against inter-religion couples. It features all the hate-mongers from Muzaffarnagar accused and BJP MP Sangeet Som to BJP MLA Suresh Rana. However, in all such cases the main perpetrators are roaming scot free ,where as the victims still await justice.

We demand:
1) Speedy arrest and bringing to book all the men who participated in the murder of Mohammad Akhlaq and fatally injuring his son and mother as well as destroying the property in his house.

2) That the safety of Akhlaq’s family and also of other Muslim families in the village be ensured.

3) That the Union Government must dismiss the Union Minister Mahesh Sharma and takes serious action against the other BJP leaders for attempting to justify this heinous crime and communally inciting the villagers further.

4) A criminal investigation of the role of Hindutva organisations that have been operating in this area be instituted.

5) That action be taken in context gutting down of the IFTU office in reaction to Com. Radheyshyam’s initiative of bringing out a report on the issue immediately. The police must file a complaint/FIR on this issue

Signed by:
AIFTU, AISA, AISF, BAPSA, DSU, PUDR, Inkalabi mazdoor Kendra, Mehnatkash Mahila Sangathan, RYA, PDSU, DSF, KNS, Janhastakshep, Bigul, IFTU, Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, Students for Resistance, KYS, Shahid Bhagat Singh Chatra Nujawan Sabha, Pragatisheel MAhila Ekta Kendra,Nouruz, AIFTU (new), Parivartankami Chatra Sangathan, JNUSU, PDFI, Mazdoor Patrika,People’s Front, NAPM, SFI and several individuals.