AAP Govt. makes mockery of Dearness Allowance

October 18, 2015

Press Release

The Delhi Committee of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) strongly condemns the announcement of VDA by Labour Minister of NCT of Delhi making mockery of the toiling workers as the enhancement is to the tune of Rs. 126 per month, and claiming it to be pro-worker attitude to neutralize inflation. Worse is, the employees of shops, establishments and clubs have been excluded from this raise.

The meagre sum of Rs. 126 is hardly in commensuration with the increase of prices in essential commodities. Process of vegetables, pulses and other essential items have enhanced beyond the reach of common people, but the so called Aam Adami govt. is of the view that it is a part of their striving to become role model in labour welfare. This paltry increase is actually insulting the workers already burdened by steep price hike. It is also surprising that why Mr. Rai failed to see that even employees of shops, establishment and clubs are not immune to price hike. It is worth noting that Minimum wages Act 1948 is among a few act applicable in shops and establishments. Thus robbing them from this right only shows the real pro-owner character of this government.

Trade unions for long have been demanding Rs. 15,000 as floor for minimum wages. This government has totally ignored this. This is also worth noting that even today, payment of minimum wages is not implemented in about 90% of factories and establishments. This government has no mechanism to get the law of the land implemented. It believes that by self praising and propaganda, it can cure the problems.

IFTU, while condemning this announcement demands that the Minimum wages should be raised to RS. 15,000 to unskilled workers and all the enhancement should be applicable to all workers including shops, establishment and clubs.

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