Fallacy of Make in India: One Day Central Seminar and Public meeting by Visthapan Virodhi Jan-Vikas Andolan (VVJVA)

August 22, 2016

29th August 2016, 10.30 am. “Shahid Baburao Shedmake Hall”, Parshuram Bhavan, Near Century Hotel, Ghat Road, Nagpur.

Key Speakers: Sudha Bhardwaj, Advocate, Bilaspur High Court; Dr. Shrinivas Khandewale, Economist, Nagpur; Dr. Ramesh Sharan, Ranchi University; Rakesh Ranjan, Delhi University; B. S. Raju, VVJVA


As we know that from the last two years, when this new Modi led RSS backed BJP government has come into power it has announced so many events, projects, programs, slogans and schemes to lure the Indian masses. Make in India, Start up India, Digital India, Swachh Bharat Abhiayan, Yoga Day etc, etc. in which Make in India is flagship program of this government. But none of the announcements had done any meaningful effect on the life of the larger masses.

‘Make in India’ is nothing new for the toiling masses of India, it is just the advancement of the Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) policies of 1990s. ‘Make in India’ is a continuation of Export Processing Zones, Special Economic Zones which envisaged some particular locations/area as foreign enclaves, but under ‘Make in India’ entire India is being converted into foreign territory in which working masses of India would be mere cannon fodder. This Government has intensified the onslaught on larger public through its various works, by imposing the anti-people Bills such as land acquisition Bill and amending Labor Laws such as apprentice act, Industrial Disputes act, draconian changes in Mining related Acts etc. So ‘Make in India’ means that our country would provide the natural resources, raw material and labor, that too on much cheaper prices, and capital would be invested by the foreigners, i.e., FDI. Moreover, due to spinelessness of Government before imperialist countries, developing countries like India cannot invent its own technology following the provisions of World Trade Organisation (WTO), so ultimately royalties of the technology will also fill the coffers of big corporate.

Under ‘Make in India’ project, four industrial corridors are planned. ‘Smart City’ project, Digital India and Start up India is also a part of these plans. So for these projects, ultimately the government would provide cheaper land, labour and natural resources to the MNC’s and TNC’s and their Indian counterparts. Vast areas of land and forest will be snatched from the peasants, particularly from adivasis, dalits and backward castes, and for this Make in India project the government has scrapped the minimum wages, various security provisions are being deleted from statutes books which are/were enacted due to heroic struggles of working masses. Under the smart city project the government has to demolish the slums from the cities on the name of smartness and beautification, and this smart city project is worsening the living conditions of the urban working class who are mainly composed of Dalits and backward casts. Even Public Distribution System (PDS) on the name of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is also being scrapped in many cities in order to make city and services ‘smart’.

World capitalist economy is in the phase of its worst economic crisis since 2007-08 which is deepening further day by day. The Imperialist forces are dreaming to overcome its economic crisis by throwing its burden on the people of ‘third world’ countries through its lackeys in those countries. In India too, Modi Government, following the footsteps of previous Government, is pushing imperialist agenda in India under the garb of ‘Make In India’ and at the same time aggressively promoting the Brahmanical-Hindutva agenda of its mentor RSS is in the name of Love Jehad, ban on beef eating, its Hindutva nationalist vs anti-nationalist versions etc. Institutional murder of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula, appointments of RSS’s stooges on Government run institutions such as FTII, JNU, Censor board are merely some glimpses of it.

Simply we can say that this new government is selling the country’s resources to the foreign imperialists. And neither these schemes will help in decreasing the unemployment of the youth, rather these kinds of schemes are depriving the people from their basic rights of food, shelter and clothing. On the other hand the fascistic communal agenda of the RSS is confusing the public on different issues.

In various place of the country, people are fighting against these imperialistic loot and plunder. People are raising against corridor projects, smart cities, mining, industrial projects, sanctuaries, SEZ. ‘Make in India’ will only enhance the people’s misery. So we have a task to make a unity with fighting people and to strongly oppose ‘Make in India’ in toto. Despite the Government efforts to suppress people’s movements by various means like arresting people particularly leadership under draconian laws, firing on people’s protest, killing activists using goons and police, enhancing surveillance on leadership, banning and branding people’s organizations, people are raising against government moves and are compelling the Government to go on back foot as happened in issue of Land acquisition amendment bill, Nandigram in West Bengal, Niyamgiri and Anti-POSCO movement in Odisha, Agari-Maseli (Korchi), Surjagarh, Damkondvahi, Jaitapur in Maharashtra, Lohandiguda in Chhattisgarh, Kathikund project in Jharkhand etc. Only a united people’s movement of struggling masses can stop and overthrow the cog of this fascistic imperialist loot and can lay the path to build a self-reliant India which will develop on the basis of equity and justice.

To further and strengthen this fight, VVJVA is calling a one-day central seminar and a Pubic meeting on “Fallacy of Make in India”. And we appeal to all anti-displacement mass movements, sangathans, academicians, and students to come and join the seminar and public meeting to oppose this exploitative agenda of ‘Make in India’.

You all are wholeheartedly invited to be part of this seminar.

Inqlab Jindabad

Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan

Central Office: Sarai Tand, Morahabadi, Post: Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, 834008

Central Conveners Committee: Tridib Ghosh, Madhuri, Prashant Paikray, Damodar Turi, J. Ramesh, Mahesh Raut


Contacts in Nagpur: 08390045482, 09405324405, 07057923898, 09422802583

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