SOS from Nandigram – Beyond the immediate tragedy – EPW editorials

April 4, 2007

The killing of protesting villagers in Nandigram by a trigger-happy police on March 14 sounds an alarm bell that sends a warning not only to the Left Front regime of West Bengal where the tragedy occurred, but to all those at the helm of affairs in both the center and other states, who irrespective of their party affiliation, are fond of riding roughshod over public opposition, for the sake of “economic growth” – the catchword in today’s official discourse of liberalisation.

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There is a need to go beyond the immediate tragedy of Nandigram and examine the underlying process that gives rise to sucepisodes. In the neoliberal times that we are living through, governments, whether at the central or a state level, are essentially for the markets, by the markets, and of the markets. Indeed, the parliamentary political process is increasingly governed by the logic of the market.

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