Kolkata People’s Film Festival – 17 – 20 January 2019

January 11, 2019

It is a pleasure to announce the film list and film-screening schedule for the 6th Kolkata People’s Film Festival, to be held during 17-20 January 2019, at the Jogesh Mime Academy (Kalighat Park), Kolkata. The festival will run from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all four days. Entry is Free of cost. 

The 6th Kolkata People’s Film Festival will feature 41 powerful new and contemporary films from India and the South-Asian subcontinent. The films have been selected from over 1600 entries the Festival Committee received this year. The selected films in KPFF 2019 include 30 films in the Stories from India (Documentary) section, 5 films in the Stories from South Asia (Documentary) section, and 6 films in the New Indian Fiction category. More than 30 filmmakers, including award-winning filmmakers like Deepa Dhanraj, Anamika Haksar, Anupama Srinivasan, Anirban Datta, Mukul Haloi, Hemant Gaba, Vani Subramanian, Pradeep K P and many others would be participating in-person in the 6th KPFF, to present their films and to interact with the Festival audience.

The WEBSITE for the 6th KPFF: http://www.ourcinema.in/festival/

The SCHEDULE for the 6th KPFF: http://www.ourcinema.in/festival/kpff-schedule/

The FILMS AT A GLANCE page: http://www.ourcinema.in/festival/films-at-a-glance/

The Facebook event pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/752672515104451/

The KPFF 2019 is happening at a time when several important people’s issues are being raised in the country, the subcontinent and the world at large. The Festival Committee is pleased that the voices of the most marginalised people in the country and subcontinent have prominently featured in the films selected for the KPFF 2019. The films deal with complex and pressing issues, such as the plight of migrants, the majoritarian violence on minorities, the threat of Fascism, the criminalisation of political opponents, and the ravaging of our environments, ecologies and livelihoods in South Asia. These are stories of reclaiming past histories, stories of the celebration of the ordinary people’s lives, the small voices of history. The films capture our farmers, workers, students and the common people put up a spirited fight for democracy. The 6th KPFF is imagined as a space for reaffirming our togetherness and collectivities, for renewed conversations amongst those committed to putting up cultural and political resistance and celebrating people’s power.The Kolkata People’s Film Festival, organised by the People’s Film Collective, has been running successfully since 2013. The KPFF is a non-sponsored, entirely people-funded, independently organised cinema festival, showcasing socially committed contemporary documentary & fiction cinema from India and the subcontinent. The festival is unique in that it does not charge the filmmakers to send a film, and it does not charge the audience to come and watch the films. There are discussions with filmmakers at the end of every film, and there are panel discussions with participating filmmakers. There are no tickets or passes. Entry is Free of cost. The KPFF seeks to build a platform for meaningful and socially-committed cinema and counterculture, based on people’s spontaneous participation, in the city of Kolkata. 

Film List for KPFF 2019

Stories from India (Long Documentary)

AMMI / Sunil Kumar / 90’/ 2018AN

ENGINEERED DREAM/ Hemant Gaba/ 72’/ 2018

ARE YOU GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY?/ Anupama Srinivasan/ 60’/ 201

8BLOODY PHANEK/ Sonia Nepram/ 48’/ 2017

IF SHE BUILT A COUNTRY/ Maheen Mirza/ 59’/ 2018

IN A SHADOWLESS TOWN/ Gouri Patwardhan/ 52’/ 2017

KALIKSHETRA/ Anirban Datta/ 57’/ 2017

LANDLESS/ Randeep Singh/ 70’/ 2018

NAACH BHIKHARI NAACH/ Jainendra Dost, Shilpi Gulati/ 72’/ 2018

SCRATCHES ON STONE/ Amit Mahanti/ 62’/ 2017

TALES FROM OUR CHILDHOOD/ Mukul Haloi/ 69’/ 2018

THE COLOUR OF MY HOME/ Sanjay Barnela, Farah Naqvi/ 48’/ 2017

THE DEATH OF US/ Vani Subramanian/ 78’/ 2018

THE STRIKE AND I/ Kshama Padalkar/ 103’/ 2018

THE TRIBAL SCOOP/ Beeswaranjan Pradhan/ 53’/ 2018

WE HAVE NOT COME HERE TO DIE/ Deepa Dhanraj/ 110’/ 2018

Stories from India (Short Documentary)

AKASHVANI / Pramati Anand / 23’/ 2018

FINDING PRAYERS/ Nilay Samiran Nandi/ 20’/ 2018

HORA/ Nachi/ 23’/ 2018

MEMOIRS OF SAIRA & SALIM/ Eshwarya Grover/ 15’/ 2018

MIND MATTER OF TEA VENDOR/ Sanu Kummil/ 27’/ 2018

PILANDI/ Mithun Chandran/ 30’/ 2018RAIN SONG/ Mon Pal/ 20’/ 2018

RAMPATAR (DIVIDING BY A PLATTER)/ Vivek Gopinath/ 16’/ 2018

SCORCHED/ Akshay Gouri/ 23’/ 2018

THE RAFT/ Pavan Konala/ 23’/ 2017

UPROOTED/ Ketan Krishna, Prthvir Solanki, Sukrita Baruah, Archana Kaware, Nikhil Ambekar/ 22’/ 2018

WE, THE PEOPLE/ Samarth Mahajan/ 27’/ 2017

WELCOME VALENTINE 2017/ Dhruv Satija/ 17’/ 2017

ZARA NAZAR UTHA KE DEKHO/ Anindya Shankar Das/ 25’/ 2018

Stories from South Asia (Documentary)

298-C/ Nida Mehboob/ 15’/ 2018

AFTER SABEEN/ Schokofeh Kamiz/ 74’/ 2018

MEN WITH NO NAME/ Nuruzzaman Khan/ 12’/ 2017

ROHINGYA’S DREAM/ Mohammad Mahdi Khaleghi/ 23’/ 2018

THE EXILE/ Harsh Virag/ 19’/ 2018

New Indian Fiction

COUNTERFEIT KUNKOO/ Reema Sengupta/ 15’/ 2017

JYOTI AND JOYMOTI/ Mehdi Jahan/ 28’/ 2017

RED SOIL/ Ritesh Sharma/ 15’/ 2017

WITAAL (THE PERIOD OF IMPURITY) Apurva Bhilare/ 19’/ 2018

GHODE KO JALEBI KHILANE LE JA RIYA HOON/ Anamika Haksar/ 121’/ 2018 (Special invite)

LIFE OF AN OUTCAST/ Pawan K Shrivastava/ 80’/ 2018 (Special invite)

We urge you to kindly put out news about this programme through the City Page of your news media, as well as send a journalist to cover the programme.

Best regards,
Dwaipayan Banerjee
People’s Film Collective