Independent People’s Tribunal On Operation Green Hunt

September 17, 2010

25-26 September 2010 at Social Development Centre, Purulia Road, Ranchi

Operation Green Hunt is the latest example of State terrorism launched on its people especially on the tribals of the Eastern region in India. The State has long abdicated its responsibility of the safety, security and development of its people and is now engaged in their systematic elimination through the Operation Green Hunt in the name of flushing out the naxalites. The media also has reported only the so-called successes of the Operation Green Hunt, but failed to give its true picture as to how the hapless tribal people in the villages are being terrorized for being allegedly in collusion with the naxals as their supporters.

Thus forced entry and occupation by the CRPF of the village schools and students’ hostels, indiscriminate interrogation of the village people regarding their movements in the field and jungles at work, their uncalled for detention at the slightest suspicion of being the naxalite sympathizers and beating them up for speaking boldly are but some incidents of the CRPF’s high handedness. There are reports of the people’s leaders including women being eliminated by the security personnel in the alleged encounters, not to forget the denial of a just enquiry into such incidents and awarding of fair compensation and justice to the victims and punishment to the erring CRPF.

In order to bring forth the real picture behind the façade of the Government’s Operation Green Hunt, JADFO is organizing an Independent People’s Tribunal on 25th-26th September 2010 at Social Development Centre, Purulia Road, Ranchi. The victims of the Operation Green Hunt will give witness to their sufferings and indignity they have faced at the hands of the CRPF. Eminent people like Ms Arundhati Roy, the renowned author and human rights activist, will participate in the proceedings. The esteemed members of the Jury at the Independent People’s Tribunal will include Sri Prashant Bhushan, Senior Supreme Court advocate, Sri K.S. Subramanian, I.P.S. and former Director General of Police, Sri C.S. Jha, former CMD of BCCL and ECL and others.

This is an invitation to you as a responsible citizen of the country to come and attend the two-day programme of IPT and learn the myths and facts about the Operation Green Hunt. Ignorance on the matter would mean passive compliance with the armed forces of the Government in terrorizing the simple and poor villagers, all in the name of cleansing the naxalites. We must know the facts and then demand for justice as well as development of the people. May be we can also promote a tripartite dialogue with the so-called naxalites, the government and the people to resolve the issue of poverty and militancy.



First Day : September 25, 2010

10:00-1:00 P.M. Inaugural Session

Speakers :
Dr. Ram Dayal Munda, M.P.
Dr. B.P. Keshri
Dr. Alex Ekka
Ms Manorama Ekka
Fr.Stan Swamy
Xavier Kujur


2:00-4:00 P.M. Depositions of victims of Para-military Forces – Gladson Dungdung


4:30-6:00 P.M. Encounter Killings – Fr. Stan Swamy

Second Day : September 26, 2010

9:30-10:30 A.M. Suppression of Dissent – some depositions


11:00-12:00 P.M. Observations by Ms Arundhati Roy

12;00-1:00P.M. Jury Verdict


Jury Members :
Sri Prashant Bhushan, Senior Supreme Court Lawyer
Sri K.S. Subramanian, IPS and ex-DGP
Sri C.S. Jha, ex-CMD of BCCL and ECL