In conversation with Sunil Sahasrabudhey

October 2, 2010

October 2, 2010

by Amit Basole (Sanhati)

The following is an interview with Sunil Sahasrabudhey, a political-social activist and philosopher with over thirty years of experience of people’s movements in India. The video was shot at Vidya Ashram ( in Varanasi, India. Sunilji has successfully combined his theoretical interests in the philosophy of science, Marxist and Gandhian philosophy and the theoretical basis of emancipatory movements with an active engagement in political movements such as workers struggles in Kanpur, the students’ movement of the 1970s and the farmers’ movement of the 1980s and 90s. He has written books and articles, in Hindi and English, on topics such as the peasant movement in India and Gandhi’s philosophy of Science. He was the co-editor of Mazdoor Kisan Niti and currently writes for Lokavidya Panchayat, a Hindi Monthly.

The Social Basis for Radical Change in India: Sunil Sahasrabudhey (Part 1/5) from amit basole on Vimeo.

Lokavidya (Knowledge Among the People) is a source of strenght for the Bahishkrit Samaj: Sunil Sahasrabudhey (Part 2/5) from amit basole on Vimeo.

A Loakvidya-based critique of Science: Sunil Sahasrabudhey (Part 3/5) from amit basole on Vimeo.

People’s Knowledge in the Knowledge Society: Sunil Sahasrabudhey (Part 4/5) from amit basole on Vimeo.

A Public Hearing on Knowledge: Sunil Sahasrabudhey (Part 5/5) from amit basole on Vimeo

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