SINP Kolkata: Bureaucrats lecture on nuclear power in Haripur, activists arrested

October 9, 2010

On 6th October morning, a group of activists were distributing leaflets near the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics -Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, where the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Sreekumar Banerjee and officials of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. were visiting to lecture scientists in Kolkata on the plans of the proposed Haripur power plant. The police kept ordering them farther and farther away from the gates of SINP and around 9.30 am picked twelve of them up and took them to the Salt Lake (North) police station. There they were detained, without any charges, and without any explanation, till 5.10 pm, ten minutes after the AEC and NPCIL officials left the venue of the meeting. Any discussions with the police officials during this period about the reason for the activists’ arrest was met with the standard response that they have broken Sec. 144, which disallows the assembly of more than three people in a place.

However, any questions about when Sec. 144 was declared in that area, and who ordered it, remained unanswered. This is the way how the West Bengal government today deals with every form of dissent, even completely legitimate activities such as distributing leaflets, whenever it shows any propensity to come anywhere close to the centres and personalities of power.

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