Hyderabad – Report of the Jury on the Public Hearing on Land Issues

November 13, 2010

Venue – University of Hyderabad November 8, 2010

A Public Hearing on Land Issues was organized by organizations of Teachers, Staff and Students of University of Hyderabad on November 8, 2010. The Jury at the hearing [Justice A Laxman Rao, Professor Arjun Dev, Dr P M Bhargava and Uzramma] heard the views of the representatives of the organizations and also studied documents related to the land issues. Persons who made statements at the public hearing expressed concern at the allotment of its land that the University had made and/or was in the process of making to various organizations which they felt were in disregard of the interests of the University.

The Jury therefore is of the view that:

The Government of the State of Andhra Pradesh allotted land through its D.O. No 3624/C1/74-11 Edn. dated 21-2-1975 to the University of Hyderabad and followed it by delivery of possession. This land was allotted for the purpose of development of the University. The land therefore vests in the University to be utilized for the purpose for which it was intended. Allotment of land by the University should be only for the purpose for which it was intended. The objective can be only for the dissemination and advancement of knowledge as laid down by the Act of Parliament’ [under which the University was set up: “Object of the University shall be to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit …”

The Jury therefore is of the view that:

1. Keeping in mind the objectives for which the University was established, the Executive Council should lay down a detailed policy for land-use, taking into account the ecosystem of the land and the future growth and development of the University, vis-a-vis what is mentioned in sub-paras 4, 5 and 6 below.

2. A Committee consisting of Senior Professors, Heads of Department, a Vice-Chancellor of a neighbouring University, President of the recognized Students Union other University organizations [teaching and non-teaching staff] and members of civil society to examine all allotments already made in the light of the policy laid down by the Executive Council.

3. All new allotments and construction in the University must be made in accordance with the land use policy and in consultation with the Committee and transparency should be maintained in the process.

4. Under no circumstances should any land be allotted to private organizations.

5. No land is to be allotted to fully or partly publicly owned profit making organizations except where the University is a partner and the entire profit accrues to the University.

6. A request for allotment to an institution set up by the Government could be considered if it promotes the objects of the University providing it is approved by the EC in consultation with the Committee mentioned above.

7. The University should prepare a Dictionary of Flora and Fauna of the campus.

8. The Government of Andhra Pradesh should take immediate steps to transfer the ownership of the land to the University of Hyderabad so that the above land is irrevocably alienated in favour of the University.


Justice A Laxman Rao
Professor Arjun Dev
Dr P M Bhargava