Kalyani Mills: The W.B. Government’s blatant disregard for labour laws – Sangrami Sramik Union

March 5, 2011

March 6, 2011

The Kalyani Spinning Mills Ltd
[Reg. No. 25685]

Sub. Govt itself is breaking the Labour-Law in Kalyani Spinning Mill

Dear friends,

Perhaps you know that it is written in our Labour-Law, that, a worker should be considered as ‘permanent’, if he/she is engaged in a permanent nature of job for 240 days continuously in a year. It is also written there, that, respective employer is liable to provide proper identity card, PF – ESI – EL facilities to the permanent, as well as temporary/casual & contract workers. Perhaps you know it too, that, the State Govt & the Administration is solely responsible to protect these verdicts of Labour-Laws. But probably you would be surprised to know that, our State Govt. itself is breaking these Labour-Laws in its own company, since years!

Yes, this is the fact of ‘The Kalyani Spinning Mills Ltd’, which is a Govt-undertaken company!

In this mill, approximately 250 casual workers (along with almost equal number of permanent workers) have been employed since last 5-10 years having no PF – ESI – EL facilities. Not even any identity card is provided to them, so that they can not prove that they are the worker of the Mill. Since 2000 to 2010, they have got Rs 80 only per day, as ‘no work no pay’ basis! But for the same work in the same machine, a permanent worker was paid approx @ Rs 450-500 per day.

In early-2010, almost all the casual workers were united and formed their own struggling union named ‘SANGRAMI SRAMIK UNION (CASUAL WORKERS)’, cutting all connections with the established unions like CITU, INTUC, INTTUC etc. After a long struggle, in mid-2010, they achieved to raise their wage to approx Rs 150 per day. Just after this achievement, the Management & CITU/INTUC nexus started to play their dirty game! From Dec 2010, they have stopped the gate-pass for all 250 casual workers showing a false excuse of shortage of raw-material. Since then, during two-and-half months, hundreds of casual workers, including more-than-a thousand of their family members are continuing their struggle in a very tough situation. At this very moment, taking the advantage of the poverty of the workers, the Management is trying to linger the process of ‘suspension-of-work’ for the casual workers, to break their struggling unity. On the other hand, the workers are also trying their best to continue the struggle. Three major steps are going to be taken by the Union by this month :

Step 1. Just before the Assembly Election, approximately on mid-March, a press conference will be organized by the workers to highlight the issue of the Spinning Mill, so that a pressure would be mounted over the existing Govt.

Step 2. Immediately after that pres conference, a Writ Petition will be filed in Labour Tribunal, to optimize the legal-pressure on the Authority.

Step 3. Simultaneously, an ‘Indefinite Hunger Strike’ or a ‘Continuous Protest Mobilization’ will be started in front of the Mill-gate.

Under the given circumstances, we are appealing to all of our friends to stay beside us.

Seeking your active support,

Thanking you,


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