Nandigram: PBKMS Letter To West Bengal Chief Secretary

March 19, 2011

[On the fourth anniversary of the Nandigram tragedy, PBKMS and the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights have written to the Chief Secretary of the West Bengal government demanding compensation for all those injured, raped/sexually molested in the Nandigram incident on 14 March 2007 who have suffered but not been compensated. Given below is the text of the letter]

The State of West Bengal has so far compensated 159 injured persons and 3 rape victims of the 14th March 2007 incident at Nandigram. However, it has always been the contention of Paschim Banga Khet Majoor Samity and Association for the Protection of Democratic Rights that these numbers are very few compared to the actual number of people who were injured in the police firing and other atrocities at Nandigram on 14th March. We have therefore collated all the data available from various studies and individuals and have come to the conclusion that a much larger number of people were injured. We are therefore providing you with the following:
* A list of 5 rape victims who have not been given the State Government’s compensation so far
* A list of 163 injured persons who have not been given the State Government’s compensation so far, along with documents for each one of them to show that they received injuries on 14th March 2007
* A list of 287 injured persons who reported being injured to various social organisations who studied the situation after 14th March 2007 and who have not been given the State Government’s compensation so far.

We are also sure that the number of victims is probably even larger than the 455 persons we have listed above.

It has also taken the Government 3 years to provide a small percent of those injured with compensation, where compensation for an incident of 14th march 2007 was released. Such delays have only increased people’s suffering.

We therefore demand that the
* The Government should conduct an inquiry to identify all those who were injured and raped/sexually molested and therefore deserve compensation.
* The Government should provide compensation to those listed above, after suitable verification.
* The Government should compensate all the victims for the delay in providing compensation.