Peasant Resistance in Bengal a Decade before Singur and Nandigram

September 20, 2007

By Abhijit Guha

This EPW paper studies the case of Tata Metaliks, covering land taken, amount of compensation and non-existence of rehabilitation policies. It follows up with the disastrous land acquisition by Century Textiles and Industrial Limited (a subsidiary of the BK Birla Group), which took possession of 358.25 acres of land in Kharagpur I block in 1997, never payed a cent of the promised compensation, and never set up their factory. The huge chunk of agricultural land remains unutilized to this day, robbing 3000 people of their means of subsistence. 73% of the people from the gram panchayats where land was acquired for Tata Metaliks and CTIL were living below he poverty line in 1997.

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