Sikkim Earthquake – Press statement from anti-megadam protestors

September 28, 2011

We the concerned Lepchas of Sikkim have been witnessing the entire ongoing natural catastrophe in Sikkim, particularly Dzongu, Chungthang and Lachung area with regret, shock and helplessness. Needless to mention here of our vibrant stand in protesting the mega-Power Projects in the region which seismically falls in the most active Zone V. It is put on record here that the CLOS alongwith the Affected Citizens of Teesta (ACT) fought for 915 days calling for the closure of all the mega-power projects from the region before the unyielding and inconsiderate authorities. There has ever been anti-eco activities like explosion of blasting, etc wide and across, thereby weakening the land stability at the all time high despite the region being most fragile and prone to earthquake. It is with utmost regret to learn that our area, which has the largest number of giant power projects, suffers the most, both in terms of lives and property as also including our beloved ones in Lachung and Chungthang area. IF NOT, why should the repercussions of this Sunday Earthquake is highest in intensity in this part of Sikkim where there are 14 mega-power project ? Meanwhile, no rescue teams could still penetrate the most worstly affected periphery of 1200 MW Teesta Stage III HEP, being executed by M/s Teesta Urja.

We once again, with folded hand, call upon the policymakers to once again rethink, re-assess and scrap all 14- mega power projects from the region that are either under operation or being proposed, so as to deliver night-full of peaceful sleep for all as well as to our posterity, thereby respecting the area as the sacred and protected reserve of the Lepchas. This would go in tandem with the instructions of Mahaguru Padmasambhava regarding Sikkim as his abode, Bayul Dremo Dzong or Ney Mayalyang.

We once again appeal our Sikkimese brethren to exert pressure on all the concerned authorities to immediately scrap the above power projects.

At this hour of natural tragedy, we stand by our people, particularly the earthquake victims.

Mayalmit Lepcha
General Secretary
Concerned Lepchas Of Sikkim
Gangtok (East Sikkim)