Kolkata – Meet The Rampal Long March Team – Oct 24 – George Bhavan

Meet The Rampal Long March Team
24th October
George Bhavan 1.30 PM
Organised by APDR and other organisations


We started talking about Rampal TPP a few weeks back. At that point of time, we were trying to get some solidarity support in online signature campaign. We tried to submit the deputation on 27th September as a mark of token solidarity from Indian citizen. The result is known to all and documented here. NTPC did not accept it. We started a blog to take the campaign further.

At the same time, away from this development, NCBD team led by Prof. Anu Mohammed were trying to build a solidarity bridge with India for last two years. As a result of that initiative, today the Bangladesh team has a living relationship with people in Jharkhand and Delhi.

However, back here at Kolkata, we are not part of that initiative yet. While fighting for nature, probably nature has connected us; the Kolkata people to be connected with that spirit.

A Bangladesh NCBD delegation planned earlier visiting Kolkata on 24th October and we want to utilize the chance to the maximum possible extent to connect the struggles of two Bengals.

The Activists Meet At 1.30 PM at George Bhavan, Moulail, Kolkata


We welcome all the individual political, social and environmental activists and groups to come forward for a live face to face meet with the Bangladesh delegation team. We want to hear the stories of Phulbari long march and Rampal long march from them. They want to hear the stories of our struggle at Nandigram, Lalgarh, Sunderbans and Nonadanga. Time is short and there are many constraints but we still hope people from the ground to come up and share their stories which possibly could never be heard in Big Media.

The objective of this session is to start a process. A process that brings struggles of two Bengals close to each other. I welcome all of you to come forward and enrich the session with your analysis, inputs and thoughts for this.

We hope that this discourse will create an effective platform for joint movement between WB and BD for Rampal to save Sunderbans.