The MIT Videos – India: The War Within – Deepankar Basu and Gautam Navlakha

April 15, 2011

Today the Indian state is involved in armed conflict, covert and overt, in 235 of the total of 636 districts of the country. These include not only Kashmir and the North-Eastern states but also, since 2009, several states in the forested regions of East-Central India.

Recently, Sanhati and the Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia co-sponsored a special event at MIT to discuss these pressing issues with Gautam Navlakha, a leading human rights and civil liberties activist. The discussion was moderated by Prof. Deepankar Basu, Dept. of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, who also provided a macroeconomics introduction.

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  1. wingedream Says:
    May 12th, 2011 at 06:31

    A seminal summary of the history, background,progress, problems and prospects of the radical movement in the tribal areas of India.In parts an understanding of the legitimacy of violence: perhaps.
    The regrettable disinterest in the new generation of urbanised India in the socio-political condition of the nation is in a way also an important disconnect.A by product of the neo liberal growth process one would imagine.(SIC)

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