Assorted leaflets from Sanhati Mancha, graffiti from Jadavpur University – following Nandigram massacre

This is the story of that night. The night of 14th March. The CPIM call a local 12-hour bandh after the end of “Operation Nandigram” during the day. In this remote area, where people don’t come out after dark anyway, why would they call a bandh? During the day, as we had watched the police attack unfurl in all its fury, shivered in terror as we heard that perhaps sixty people had been killed, we could never have imagined that the most horrifying episodes, the most brutal events had yet to unfold.

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And now? After 14th March, after this massacre, do we not understand what Narendra Modi did in Gujarat? Have we not seen world (bank) capital, flowing out of constricted first world markets and jumping hungrily into the third world, with its allure of “industrialisation” – have we not seen what it translates to?

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Even after the massacre of Nandigram – those of you who have chosen not to choose sides – I leave behind a rifle. Kill yourself if you can.

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