An afternoon in Nandigram – experiences of two medical relief workers

By Surasri Chaudhuri and Gautam Ghosh

The picture changes in Maheshpur. We sit in a roadside tea stall and one by one the people trickle in. Spontaneously they tell us about their travails: how they were beaten up by police and cadres (the name harmad has gained currency here)…Since then peace is gone and every night they hear sounds of gunfire and exploding bombs…

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Another moving experience was a conversation that took place between me and some women and children at the village of Bhangabera, in front of a house barely 20 meters away from the “battlefield” – the bridge over the Talapati canal that leads to Khejuri.All of them were present on that fateful day, having escaped by running away and jumping into ponds, before which some of them were mercilessly beaten up and molested by policemen and CPIM men in khakis.

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