November in Nandigram: A Citizens’ Report

This report comes from one of the first teams of civil society organizations to visit Nandigram after the events of early November, 2007. The team of activists comprised, among others, Medha Patkar, Anuradha Talwar, Debjit Dutt, Swapna Tripathi, Bijoya Chanda, Atmaram Saraogi, Chhabi Roy, Chandan Pal, Amita Bag, Gautam Bandyopadhyay, Pusparaj, Biswajit, Swapna, and Kalyan Sengupta.

Contents: (1) Visiting the relief camp and villages under attack – Kamalpur, Takapura and Satengabari (2) Operation Nandigram, as per investigation reports (3) Women and children (4) The Procession and its aftermath (5) Subduing the population (6) The Divide in the Villages (7) Gokulnagar Adhikaripara – before and after (8) The role of the administration: Relief and Security, (9) Conclusions

Annexure 1: A detailed timeline for Nandigram: 31st July, 2006 to November 13, 2007.

Annexure 2: Document of injured persons attending Nandigrm B.M.Pal, B.P.H.C. on 10th November, 2007.

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