Nandigram: Our men or their men – nowhere men

An eyewitness report by Sahana Roy, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta

This eye-witness report is from a team of psychologists who visited Khejuri and Tekhali, where thousands of the CPI(M)’s dispossessed members have supposedly been living for months, hounded and in the direst emergency. It makes the observations that: (1) the team did not see more than around 150 people at any time (2) people complained of poor living conditions (3) children when asked their name replied “Without industry there can be no development” (4) children have been in contact over telephone with their friends on the other side, who “want them to come back” since school is starting (5) according to at least one member of the camp, there is considerable coercion to join anti-BUPC rallies everyday.

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