Jan 15: Civil liberties groups threaten to take West Bengal CM to court

January 15, 2012


Civil liberties group threatens to take CM to court

14 January 2012

KOLKATA, 14 JAN: The Association for the Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR) has threatened to file a case against the state government at the Calcutta High Court if it bans the Matangini Mahila Samity (MMS) and similar organisations operating in Junglemahal.

APDR criticised the chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee, for using organisations with Maoist links to come to power, and then plans to ban them. APDR said the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocity (PCPA), the United Students Democratic Front and MMS are all human rights organisations. Police claim they are fronts for the Maoists and have proposed a ban on them. A secret section of the home department is still processing the proposal. Chief secretary Mr Samar Ghosh has denied that police submitted a report to the CM. Criticising the CM, Mr Debaprasad Roy Chowdhury, APDR secretary, said the state government has purposely tarnished the image of the organisations by linking them to Maoist outfits. The state government has no evidence against members of the organisations, Mr Chowdhury said. He added that the plan to ban the organisations is unbecoming of the CM. Mr Chowdhury said, “It is undemocratic and unconstitutional.”

Members of the association claim that Trinamul Congress protests in Singur and Nandigram against the Left Front government had succeeded thanks to the active cooperation of these groups. sns